Uber's "Check Your Ride" Safety Initiative and Tips For How To Get Home Safely

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I spend a lot of time commuting all around the city and if it's early morning meetings or dinners and late night events, it's often with Uber. Uber is convenient, available in over 600 cities around the world and is as simple as opening the app and requesting a ride. It has made life and commuting a lot easier on a daily basis. Aside from getting home efficiently my number one priority is my safety, which is why I'm partnering with Uber to talk about their Safety Initiative. I think it's extremely important to educate yourself before you ride with Uber, because let's be honest here: these days, you can't leave anything up to chance
So, you just requested your ride with Uber, What Next? 

Let's talk the Check Your Ride. These are three simple steps to ensure sure you're on the right track to riding safely with Uber.
1. Check The License Plate
Does it match the plate number listed on your app? This is usually easily found along with your driver-partners’ information in-app or sent via a reminder 

2. Car Make and Model
Is the car the same make and model as shown in the app? 

3. Driver Photo
Is the driver of the car the same person pictured in the app as your Uber driver-partner?

**I personally like to wait for them to ask "Are You Megan" once I open the door of the vehicle before getting in and closing the door. If they don't I prompt them with "who are you here to pick up"? 

Never get in to a ride with someone that doesn't match all three from the above checklist. 

More Safety Tips

+ Request your ride from inside. Whenever possible, I request my ride from indoors and them meet my driver once he or she arrives. Sometimes that can't happen, but I tend to stay in well lit, populated areas or have a friend who's also requesting a ride wait with me. 

+ ALWAYS wear your seatbelt. ALWAYS. 

+ Trust Your GUT. If something doesn't feel right don't hesitate to call 911 via the app or directly on your phone. 

What are your safety tips for riding with Uber? 

Yep, I'm a Cat Lady and I'm sharing My Secret Weapon to Keeping the Kitties calm in our environment

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It's true, I'm kind of a cat lady. 

I never thought it would happen. I've always preferred the company of dogs over cats, but these two fur babies won me over. Like all cats, they have the tendency to be as snobby as you would expect a cat to be, but these guys are the perfect additions to our family in so many ways. They snuggle up to the kids and don't leave their side when the boys are sick or in trouble, they sleep at our feet every night, and give us cozy warm bodies to snuggle up to on rainy days as we binge our favorite shows. They even let Indy give them huge bear hugs (read: choke holds) on the regular.

Summer is coming! Let's start stocking up on our Summer Essentials at Sam's Club

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sam's Club. The opinions and text are all mine.

I might be jumping the gun here, but: I cannot wait for summer!  I personally love our summer routine of park-hopping around the city, catching a movie as the sun sets on the east river, and daily picnics in new locations. Honestly, it never gets old. So when Sam's Club invited me to their Slice of Summer event to preview all of their upcoming summer offerings available in-store and online, I was game (I'll take all the warm weather & sunshine vibes I can get right now).

Whether you're a city dweller with little to no outdoor space like myself or in the suburbs with backyards bigger than my apartment, Sam's Club is the place to go for all of your summer needs.

Think refreshing drinks, flawless floral arrangements, amazing outdoor decor, toys and exclusive grills -just to name a few. Not near a store? SamsClub.com also has some amazing exclusive Online Only items that you have to check out!

It was tough, but I narrowed down my top five favorite categories and must-have offerings from each at Sam's Club:

5 Things To Look Out For At Sam's Club This Summer

1. The Food

You probably already have food in mind when you think of Sam's Club, but I was blown out of the water with their selection. Everything from USDA Prime Steaks to Mini Cheesecake Bites without artificial flavors and no high fructose corn syrup! Entertaining this summer? Prepare to wow your guests with half the effort! Put together everything you need to complete your menu without breaking the bank. I got a chance to try the Kronos Gyro slices and guys, they're a win. You get 2 - 1 pound pouches of beef and lamb gyro slices for under $14. Finish your spread with Member's Mark Avocado Salsa or Spinach and Artichoke Dip or even a 6 pound massive gourmet brownie platter for $20.

2. The Flowers

Prepare to be amazed! Sam's Club does wedding arrangements! That's right, everything from centerpieces to boutonnières to bridesmaids bouquets - and all at competitive prices. The collections are stunning and if you're engaged or otherwise looking for some killer arrangements, I highly recommend you check them out. If not, pick up an arrangement at your next shopping trip - you won't be disappointed. I'm a girl about her sunflowers and I loved these.

3. The Outdoors

Like I said, we spend a good chunk of our time outdoors in the summer. So anything that has the potential to add to our experience is a win in our book. I loved the colorful backpack coolers and camping chairs (the red one is a portable rocking chair!). I wish I had a place for the Giant Swan Inflatable but I'm guessing it might be frowned upon to throw her in the East River for a midday float. Until then, a girl can dream of her giant swan floaty (or just get a smaller one).

4. The Decor 

Spruce up your space for summer with items for indoors and out. Because I don't have an outdoor space yet, I definitely caught myself eyeing a pair of Velvet Button-Tufted Accent Chairs in a bright raspberry hue (but they're listed as cranberry - also available in navy, emerald and slate). Swoon. I also loved the Viking copper cookware. The colorfully printed dinnerware melamine plates were a sure front-runner for summer entertaining!

5. The Outfits 

Summer outfits for the entire family without breaking the bank. I'm all about a good graphic to wear with my distressed jeans and midi skirts. My boys can't resist a good dinosaur tee coordination moment...#wannabetriplets
What are your favorites at Sam's Club?

Yes, Yellow is the color that belongs in your closet as a staple this season, and next

Yea, I'm still wearing boots. I thought by this point in the season I would be in sandals and bare legs but we're only experiencing that once a week or so... I'm fine with it because that means more wear for my yellow sweater, because I'm obsessed with it's bold marigold pairs well with everything hue. You saw this look earlier in the season with my Sorel wedge lace-ups but I'm just as into this look with oxblood hued boots. Since we already know I'm totally into wearing my sweaters over dresses to make additional styles I wanted to talk a little more about YELLOW and why you need it in your closet. I get it, yellow isn't for everyone but hear me out - a pop of sunshine never hurt anyone. Try a sweater, accessory or ever a new pajama set...

Here are my favorites under $150...

The Most Romantic Black and White Polka Dot Dress You'll Wear This Season & It's Under $30

If you're looking for the perfect romantic black and white polka dot dress, look no further - I found it. You're going to love it and that's it's from one of our personal favorites: Target. SWOON this beauty is under $30 and was one of the favorite dresses worn while in Charleston earlier this month. Who can resist that perfectly feminine silhouette with those button and tie details?! Hello 1940's perfection made modern. 

Glam it up with fire engine red lipstick and heels or throw on a pair of sneakers and play tourist for a day. Either way, you're bound to stop people in their tracks for a second look..

Of course, Charleston's dreamy backdrops couldn't help but make it look even more amazing in pictures. Can I please get some floral window boxes for my apartment STAT!

Dress Target (A New Day) // Bag Bloomingdales // Shoes H&M // Lipstick Pixi Matte Liquid Lipstick in Orange Red. 

The Most Delicious Bananas Foster Cinnamon Rolls Recipe That You'll Never Stop Using

If There's one thing I do well in the kitchen, it's brunch. I love taking everyday items and jazzing them up into something incredible. Exhibit A: These Bananas Foster Cinnamon Roll. Sure, they're made from refrigerated dough but you would never know it once you sink your teeth into them. Do yourself a favor and make these for your next brunch or breakfast...
Bananas Foster Cinnamon Rolls
What You Need:
1/4 C. Rum - Optional

Preheat oven to 350˚

In a cast iron skillet, melt the butter on medium low heat. 

Add the sugar and stir until dissolves. Add vanillas extract

Place banana slices in the skillet. 

When the bananas start to soften and brown add the rum.

Next, place the cinnamon rolls on top of the bananas and move the skillet into the oven and bake for 10-12 minutes. 

Enjoy warm with whipped topping or ice cream.

Five reasons why you're never too old for a sleepover + the cutest summer pajamas ever

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As you might have already noticed this week's Jackie and Megan looks a smidge different than usual.  Nope, that's definitely not NYC you're looking at in the background- but you probably already knew that! This week, we're sharing our girls trip to Charleston, and why you're never too old to have a sleepover. Yes, even after 30!

Shop and Create The Easiest Easter Brunch You'll Ever Make from Whole Foods & Prime Now Delivery

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whole Foods. All opinions are 100% mine.

We talk about Brunch a lot here on TfDiaries. It's no secret that I love a good brunch especially when it happens to fall on a special occasion. So, when Whole Foods wanted to team up to create the perfect Easter Brunch, you know I hopped right on board!

Looking for the easiest way to entertain your kids for spring break? Check out Chuck.E.Cheese's All You Can Play for $10

It's important for me to come up with new and exciting things to do with the kids while they're on their breaks. Sometimes we travel, but a lot of times we end up staying home. When we do, it's tempting to just take it easy and lounge around the the house.

The Who What Wear Collection Little Black Dress Under $30 That You're Going To Wear All Season Long

You know I love a good Who What Wear collection staple to take me through the season and I think I just found this season's must-have dress. I spotted the printed version (seen here & here) first about a month ago and promptly brought it in BOTH colors. When you find a shape you love, you stick to it. So far, this dress has been put to work at least 15 times with everything from these over the knee boots to slides to mules.

My Spring Pampering & Beauty Routine with Love Beauty and Planet + Where To Shop My Favorites

Sponsored post by Mirum. All opinions are my own.

Spring is here and with a new season comes a whole new beauty routine. It's time to shed our winter skin for a more glowing and vibrant version. From hair to toes, I'm in desperate need of some pampering.