Yep, I'm a Cat Lady and I'm sharing My Secret Weapon to Keeping the Kitties calm in our environment

This post is sponsored by Pet Naturals® of Vermont. All opinions are my own. 

It's true, I'm kind of a cat lady. 

I never thought it would happen. I've always preferred the company of dogs over cats, but these two fur babies won me over. Like all cats, they have the tendency to be as snobby as you would expect a cat to be, but these guys are the perfect additions to our family in so many ways. They snuggle up to the kids and don't leave their side when the boys are sick or in trouble, they sleep at our feet every night, and give us cozy warm bodies to snuggle up to on rainy days as we binge our favorite shows. They even let Indy give them huge bear hugs (read: choke holds) on the regular.

As expected in a house full of boys, things tend to get a little crazy - whether it's the boys playing at full volume or both cats running back and forth through the house at the wee hours of the morning. Honestly, it's never a dull moment.

 I'm always looking for ways to add calm to the storm where I can.

While I totally get that cats are nocturnal creatures I'm not always on board for their nightly chases and rough housing throughout the apartment while we're trying to sleep.  It's hard enough getting a two year old to sleep, I definitely don't need them waking him up. So giving the "teenager" cat a natural calming supplement from Pet Naturals® of Vermont before we hit the hay is the perfect way to guarantee that he'll most likely stay put on top of the boys bed counting sheep while our older cat sleeps on our bed fast asleep.

It's also great for days when the kids are getting a little too rowdy and the kitty is forced to retreat under the bed for a few hours, or even for one of our many road trips. They both are almost perfect in the car once we've been driving a bit but the first 30 minutes is filled with endless yowls as they stalk the cabin. A Calming Supplement to soothe their nerves when we first get into the car is super helpful.

You can also use the Pet Naturals® Calming Supplements for thunder storms, fireworks and the dreaded vet visit - it's a feat to get both of them in a carrier and out the door so I'll take all the help I can get.

Secret Weapon: 
Why I Love It: 

+ Works Naturally 
Like Pet Naturals® of Vermont, I'm all for finding alternatives to drug or chemical therapies. The more natural the better. Each supplement is created with powerful ingredients in the form of a tasty reward (my cats are super picky so the real test was to see if they would actually eat it. They did and they went back for more. Note to self: hide the packaging). Each supplement is Free of WHEAT, CORN AND ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS.

+ Veterinarian Formulated. 
Pet Naturals® of Vermont's parent company FoodScience® Corporation has led the human and animal health industry for the last 40 years with extensive nutritional research and product development. As members of the National Animal Supplement Council, Pet Naturals® is dedicated to the education and development of the nutritional supplement marketplace. Keep an eye out for the NASC seal on all of their products as a guarantee that the formula meets the NASC standards for quality, integrity and labeling guidelines. For more information go to

+ Women and Family Owned Company 
I'm not going to beat around the bush here, I'm more inclined to buy from a woman and family owned company than a huge brand. For me, it's peace of mind knowing they really care about your pet and not just the dollar signs. 

+100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
From raw materials of the highest quality and potency to the manufacturing procedures that ensure they always meet their own high-regulatory standards and all the way down to how your pet feels about each product, Pet Naturals of Vermont is so confident, they back every product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee