Uber's "Check Your Ride" Safety Initiative and Tips For How To Get Home Safely

This post is sponsored by Uber. All opinions are my own.

I spend a lot of time commuting all around the city and if it's early morning meetings or dinners and late night events, it's often with Uber. Uber is convenient, available in over 600 cities around the world and is as simple as opening the app and requesting a ride. It has made life and commuting a lot easier on a daily basis. Aside from getting home efficiently my number one priority is my safety, which is why I'm partnering with Uber to talk about their Safety Initiative. I think it's extremely important to educate yourself before you ride with Uber, because let's be honest here: these days, you can't leave anything up to chance
So, you just requested your ride with Uber, What Next? 

Let's talk the Check Your Ride. These are three simple steps to ensure sure you're on the right track to riding safely with Uber.
1. Check The License Plate
Does it match the plate number listed on your app? This is usually easily found along with your driver-partners’ information in-app or sent via a reminder 

2. Car Make and Model
Is the car the same make and model as shown in the app? 

3. Driver Photo
Is the driver of the car the same person pictured in the app as your Uber driver-partner?

**I personally like to wait for them to ask "Are You Megan" once I open the door of the vehicle before getting in and closing the door. If they don't I prompt them with "who are you here to pick up"? 

Never get in to a ride with someone that doesn't match all three from the above checklist. 

More Safety Tips

+ Request your ride from inside. Whenever possible, I request my ride from indoors and them meet my driver once he or she arrives. Sometimes that can't happen, but I tend to stay in well lit, populated areas or have a friend who's also requesting a ride wait with me. 

+ ALWAYS wear your seatbelt. ALWAYS. 

+ Trust Your GUT. If something doesn't feel right don't hesitate to call 911 via the app or directly on your phone. 

What are your safety tips for riding with Uber?