5 Ways To Wear: Blogger Edition - Neon

You might have noticed that 5 Ways To Wear looks a little different this week, that's because every 3 weeks I'll be hand picking 4 other stylish bloggers to help show you 5 ways to wear my favorite trends (and styles). Each go around it gives you the opportunity to meet new bloggers (or see your favorites!) and how they interpret each trend with their personal style. The best part about 5WTW Bloggers is we're all different shapes and sizes, because really we're not all one size fits all, making it a little more relatable than just seeing me every week (because I'm freaking Polly Pocket over here..)

So get ready for some brights! 
Here's 5 Ways To Wear Neon feat. Myself, 

Want to be part of 5WTW Bloggers? Email me! I have new ideas and openings coming up for September's and October's Posts. See you On June 22nd for our next installment. Xo.

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