This Week...

Is it just me or did this week just fly on by? I mostly stayed indoors and did absolutely nothing because it's been raining cats and dogs for the last 5 days straight making me feel somewhat unable to function, I was able to rustle up the strength to watch SATC season one, so strong of me, right? The only ventures I really made were to get the mail in my pajamas and stop by Ulta (not in my pajamas & inappropriate rain shoes, my leather nude pumps love me right now) to grab some makeup because I recently dumped all mine (long story, the short of it, I'm allergic to those nasty parabens and guess who's makeup contained it, this girl's! All of it, ladies, all of it. But It was an ah-ha moment in the 'acne' department.).

Aside from that I've been lazily planning A's 3rd birthday bash this weekend and just spent the last 2 hours scrubbing the bathrooms and mopping the downstairs. Fun stuff right? Glamourous life I live. Here are this week's highlights...

While braving the rain, I picked up this perfect neutral palette from Stila's Travel Palette 'Sensational in Sydney' - Love.

ps. I snagged an extra one for one of you, giveaway coming right up.
Luckily this came in the mail to brighten my day, Neeka from Anika Burke knows me too well, am I right?
 Apparently late nights are becoming common here, so of course it's been the perfect time to treat myself to a mani pedi.
 I'll be doing it again after I post this...
 I guess I did accomplish a DIY this week, note to self, never do it when the kids are around, they will destroy any concentration you worked up. Look for the post Thursday! Ps. It's easy and you'll love it.
 My In-laws arrived mid last week & of course my father in law couldn't wait to be a bad influence on my healthy eating. We have that kind of awesome relationship where we secretly eat delicious baked good together. Oh, I guess the secret is out now.
Also, If I haven't responded to your comments yesterday, I'm getting to them, It might have to wait till Sunday! I'll make it up to you. Xo Happy Weekend 
- M