12 Favorite Outfits of 2014

Looking back at this year in style, I couldn't help but play favorites a little bit with these 12 looks. I mean lets be real, they kind of did it for me. So to wrap up 2014 I'm sharing my top looks from the year, which was your favorite?

Happy New Year, See you in 2015. Xo. 

What's Old is New

I often make it a habit to re-wear items from past seasons (and years), I feel like it's only fair if I keep it hanging around in my closet. So when this polka dot dress from season's past was hanging there trying to get my attention I knew it was time to bring her back on out and pile on the layers. As you can see it's kind of perfect for just that. I only wish I could wear it everyday...too much?

Sweater Loft, Dress Target, Boots Diba, Jacket Spiegel, Hat Debshops, Bag LANY

Sweater Weather

I am totally not complaining about the lack of winter here but I will say I'm pretty surprised by the extremely temperate days. I've literally been wearing sweater and tights for the last week. So when we headed to the Zoo over the weekend I didn't even think twice about skipping the winter jacket and going for a little sweater layered over my striped top and pair of fleece lined tights {just in case}. After we got to the zoo I swapped out the sparkle for a scarf and found it was just right for indulging in s'mores and riding the carousel. 

Jacket Lulus.com, Sweater Kohl's, Skirt TjMaxx, Bag Kmart, Shoes Sole Society, Shirt H&M, Tights Debshops.

Irish Cream Baked French Toast

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A couple weeks back Kerrygold was kind enough to send over a bottle of their new Irish Cream. Guys, the stuff is amazing (It's made of milk from grass fed cows!). Now, while I love a good Irish Coffee & Mudslide, I almost always would prefer to cook with my Liqueur. So I searched the internet for some recipe ideas, first I stumbled upon the most amazing looking double chocolate cookies but they looked a little high maintenance for my taste, however when I stumbled upon Irish Cream Creamer French Toast I realized I could add the Kerrygold Irish Cream to my Baked French Toast recipe. And, let me tell you, I'm glad I did. It was the best my french toast has been! It was slightly crisp on top and smooth, and creamy on the bottom. No need for syrup or whipped cream, though I might try my hand at creating an Irish Cream whipped topping...

Irish Cream Baked French Toast (Serves 4-6)
1 Loaf Day Old Bread, cut or torn into small pieces. 
1/3 C. Kerrygold Irish Cream
3/4 C. Milk
3 Eggs

Handful of Chocolate Chips
1 Tbsp. Sugar

First off, getting greasing your 9x9 pan down. I used butter because it never fails me, but you can use the spray. Then go ahead and toss your bread in the pan. 
Next, combine the milk, eggs & Irish Cream and mix until smooth. 
Pour over bread, making sure it's being distributed evenly, give your pan a little shake to and add more milk if necessary.  Sprinkle on the sugar and chocolate chips.
Cover and refrigerate for an hour (or overnight, if you go for this you can add a little more milk in the am if it gets a little dry). 

Next, preheat oven to 350˚ and bake for 35-45 minutes. 
And Voila! 

Veiled Beanie &Red Coat

 I'm not going to lie I've been obsessed with veiled beanies since Jill Sander's version hit the scene, sadly each time I finally got around to ordering them they were long gone (and I forgot until the next round of cold weather came around). Luckily, this season I was reminded pretty early one when I spotted this Betsey Johnson version, and immediately snapped it up for under $25. I have to say it goes quite perfectly with my red coat and Ooh La La Sweater....

Coat Chicwish, Hat Betsey Johnson] via Zappos.com, Sweater & Tights Deb Shops, Shirt Everlane, Skirt TJMAXX, Boots Sole Society

8 {EASY} Recipes To Make and Give for The Holidays

While I'm all about gift giving this time of year I find myself more drawn to the gifts that have a little bit of a homemade approach, whether it's baked goods, homemade coffees or something crafty it's bound to be a bigger hit than something you just grabbed last minute. So, I've rounded up my favorite gift worthy recipes that will win over the hostess, neighbors, friends and family this holiday season... 

3 Pairs Of Tights To Love This Winter

It's no secret that I'm a pretty big fan of legwear, I'm almost certain I've spent the majority of the Fall season in tights. Let's be real they're the superior choice to pants, plus they're cute. Now, I'm not going to lie I'm pretty picky when it comes to my tights choices, I recently forgot my L'eggs when I was packing for New Orleans and had to resort to an anonymous drugstore pair and let me tell you I was not a happy camper for the whopping three days I was with out them (hello muffin top, and terrible fabric). It wasn't cute. But, it made me realize how good I really have it with the brands I love, one of which is L'eggs. They just about every style you can imagine, including socks. I personally favor the Covert-a-tight (it can turn to leggings!), boot tights and the sheer energy tights. All of which have quickly become my cold weather staples. Also, they're under $10, so when I hit a snag I don't feel like it's the end of the world having to toss them. 

With that all being said, I'm sharing my three favorites and how I wore them...

Opaque, easily converts from tight to legging. Great with booties, heels and flats. 

Ribbed footies for maximum comfort with boots, I tried these with my favorite  boots along with the covert-a-tight and found these were way more comfortable with them. Best with boots higher than your ankle to conceal the 'socks'

For the glam night on the town. Great with heels.