The Trina Turk Butterfly Maxi Dress That You Didn't Know You Needed

It's already well known that I LIVE in maxi dresses, year round. This Trina Turk dress had me at first sight. I lived in it throughout our New Orleans and nearly every other day since I've been back. It's one of those throw on pieces that look instantly glam but are secretly the most comfortable thing you've ever worn in your life. Sure, it's as big as a comforter or curtain but I think that's the allure of it. Also, who can say no to butterflies adorning your body? Belt or no belt, it's perfect. Throw it on and go. 

The $30 Little White Dress To Wear in New Orleans during the summer

New Orleans weather in the summertime is no joke. Whether it's the extreme humidity, blazing heat or sporadic thunderstorms (and sometimes a token hurricane/tropical storm), it always has you on your toes and constantly guessing what it's really going to be like. For me, it's not such a new thing because I grew up on the west coast of Florida and was treated to the extremes year-round. So, when it came to packing for our girls trip I had all that knowledge on my side. I have to say, this little white dress from Target (yes, it's the exact same dress as the yellow and orange one I've been wearing all season) came in clutch when it came to dressing for the elements. It was cool, was sport enough for a bike ride around The Crescent City and looked perfect with blush flats AND sneakers...

Go ahead, pick your poison. 

Pack Your Bags and Take Your Family To Woodloch This Season For The Perfect Getaway

I'm a city girl through and through- you know this. But give me the chance to head out to nature for some fresh air and beautiful scenery, I'll absolutely take it. It's true: New Yorkers love to trade in the concrete catwalk in favor of the great outdoors every now and then. So when Woodloch invited the family and I to head to their gorgeous resort nestled in the Poconos this past week, I was 100% on board. The school year was at an end, so it was the perfect time to drop everything and get a little R&R with my family.

Lemon Print Off The Shoulder Top and Denim Free People Overalls

It's official, we're half way through 2019 and I'm trying to soak up as much summer as humanly possible. As everyone should. In honor of the beginning of July and the 4th festivities I'm sharing some of our Coney Island shoot from last month with Jackie, Jenna, Gita and I, shot by Natalie. We had a blast and I have to say that this outfit may have been my favorite of the bunch. Who can resist a lemon print and denim overalls pairing with the addition of a boater hat and ankle strap heels. Not me!

Stay tuned because we're heading to New Orleans next week on a fun little trip I put together with my gal pals and I can't wait to show you what we have in store!

Shirt Who What Wear  // Hat Target // Overalls Free People (similar) // Shoes Aerosoles  // Bag ASOS 

Visiting New Orleans with Kids: 10 Things To Do and See As A Family When In The Big Easy

I'll admit I was a little wary about taking my kids to The Big Easy- especially after the looks I got when I started telling my friends that we were planning to spend 5 days in New Orleans with our three kids ranging from 2-10. Me, I'm adventurous like that and want my kids to experience as much culture as humanly possible before setting off into the world. Sure, they might not remember it "as they say" but it lays the foundation for trying new things and being aware of the different cultures outside of our NYC bubble. Plus, New Orleans is one of my favorite places of all time and I just couldn't wait to share it with my brood.

The Cutest Summer Diaper Prints That You're Ever Going To See

That's right! Pampers Pure is getting a refresh and has launched new diaper prints. I'll tell you one thing: I'm here for It's the perfect way to kick off all off your summer feels for you and baby. Hello, road trips with the happy camper style and endless brunches with croissants & jam or avocado toast. They're insanely cute and you're going to want them all in your life. Or you can play favorites because now on you can choose your prints! 

Fifteen Vintage Inspired Summer Pieces That You Need To Add To Your Cart Right Now

Oh, hey Summer: we see you! You already know I've been leaning towards classic silhouettes this season and I knew that Jackie would probably feel the same way. Suspicions were confirmed when we both showed up to our Coney Island shoot wearing retro inspired styles! It was kismet, which is probably one of the easiest ways to describe our friendship. 

That special kind of whimsy is why I'm SO excited that we finally came up with a hashtag for all of our adventures!  I can't wait for everyone to follow along because it's only going to get better! 

Whip Up The Easiest Summer Skillet Tonight with Pierogis, Apple Chicken Sausage and Mini Sweet Peppers

Mondays, am I right? It takes every bone in my body not to convince myself that I NEED to order takeout when I have a case of the Mondays. When it comes to dinner on the first day back from the weekend, I'm looking for easy and quick. But also, not a bowl of cereal. We've all been there.

Enter this skillet with a little help from my new T-Fal pan. It's super easy to whip up and you can even swap out the chicken sausage for a Meatless Monday option. I'm going to make this quick and get right down to business because time is of the essence.