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Embroidered Statement Boots

23 October 2017

Hello 60˚ degree weather! Finally I can break out the fall footwear...

 First up, statement boots. I am obsessed with this embroidered Sam Edelman pair I scored on eBay a couple of weeks bag. Now, I can finally slip them on without breaking a sweat. How perfect is this floral embroidered print with the 2" block heel. I have a feeling these boots are going to get a whole lotta wear over the next few months into the spring season...

Floral Wrap Dress and Navy Beret

20 October 2017

Truth: I've been on a mission to stock up on wrap dresses this season (and not just because they're super convenient for nursing). I'm personally favoring the bright and floaty versions from Willow & Clay, especially this one. It's just the right length and pairs perfectly with my current fall staple, the beret. 

I've been on team beret since I got my first one in 6th grade circa 1999. It was bright purple and I'm 90% it's in my hat box in the closet. So, when I saw they were making a comeback you better believe I stocked up on the colors I didn't have, red and navy. For me, they're super easy to throw on and even help me out in a pinch when I'm having a not-so-great hair day. They key is to loosely add it to the top your head and avoid pulling it down too far. 

Little Black Fringe Dress

17 October 2017

Obviously there's no shortage of black dresses (and other black pieces) in my closet but after spotting this one on sale at ASOS I knew I had to have it. I mean, that fringe though...

...It gives me all the boho feelings. That paired with the bright orange ring clutch and the turquoise  earrings I'm walking straight into fall with some serious pep in my step. I can't wait to wear this with over-the-knee boots and maybe grey turtleneck layered underneath when it finally gets to seasonable temperatures...

Who else is grabbing all of the fringe this season? First my, boots, now this little black fringe dress...


Apple Picking Outfit with Koolaburra

16 October 2017

If you follow my Insta-stories you might remember I went apple picking with Koolaburra at Pennings Orchard in Warwick. First off, it was a flipping blast. It didn't hurt that Jen and Jenna were along for the ride and were amazing enough to snap off a few shots of my last minute +1 and I, who also was having the time of his life. I mean who wouldn't be, he was surrounded by a bunch of attention giving ladies...

We basically had a day of it between the ride up, the hayride, apple picking and lunch. I want to do it all over again, who knew something as simple as apple picking would be so much fun. Plus, I got to see how everyone wore their Koolaburra's for the outing and everyone looked awesome. I personally wanted the Cable fringe bootie and while the weather was a little warmer than I had wished they were perfect. I threw them on with an embroidered dress, black denim and a (faux) shearling vest.

Going apple picking? I have some tips on what to wear --->

+ Comfort is key - You're going to be moving around a lot so make sure you're comfortable.

+Wear something you don't mind getting a little dirty because chances are some mud is going to end up somewhere...

+ Layer Up - Since the weather has been having major mood swings pick layers you don't mind removing and/or carrying around for the day.

My Outfit: Dress Chicwish, Vest TJMAXX (almost identical for $22!), Jeans Kohl's, Boots c/o Koolaburra Cable, Sunnies Karen Walker

Indy's Outfit: Sweatshirt and Pants Cat & Jack for Target, Hat Queensknits
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10 Last Minute DIY Costume Ideas for Kids

12 October 2017

Let's face it planning costumes for kids can be tedious, unpredictable and often times, super last minute. The latter happens more than I'd care to admit.  Sure, I put some effort into my blog costumes but truth be told the boy's don't always know 'what they want to be' until a few days or yep, the night before leaving me with little time to scramble and throw something together. I've definitely spent  nights past-bedtime gluing bats to pipe cleaners or de-constructing a puffer vest to resemble Michael Jackson's Thriller ensemble. I know I can't be the only one, right?

I figured. 

Well, I thought I could help you out with nearly a dozen last-minute, easy to DIY costume ideas for Character Day and Halloween. I basically threw these together at the last minute with items found in drawers, closets and hampers. I can't promise their won't be live bugs included if you live in a house full of boys like myself but at least they'll look awesome...

The Pirate: 
This is one of my faves, I honestly wish I had gotten better pictures. All you need is a white button down, black pants, a scarf and a pirates hat. I made the leatherette vest out of scrap fabric. Just two holes in the back for arms and a little fringe-scissor work and voila! Captain Jack...ish.
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Jack Skellington:
I literally threw this one together in a matter of hours. If you have a black blazer, white button down and black pants you're basically there. I hot glued pipe cleaners to a bat (and then giant safety pin) to create the "Jack bow tie". Super easy, quick and a guarantee win..

(The Living Dummy; Goosebumps)
Goosebumps, I can't quit you. Apparently my love for R.L Stine has been passed down and of course he had to pick the creepiest, most annoying character..But if you have a black blazer, red boutonniere, and red bowtie you're all set. 
kids costumes last minute, easy to diy kids costumes, kids costumes ideas, easy kids costumes

Black Blazer, Cape and Amulet

Michael Jackson in Thriller:
(Zombie and Wolf)
Red puffer vest shredded, black duck tape, red pants and zombie makeup - done! 
Varsity/Bomber Jacket and jeans, wolf makeup - done!
kids costumes last minute, easy to diy kids costumes, kids costumes ideas, easy kids costumes

Michael Jackson "Dirty Diana"
White shirt, aviators, greasy hair, black hat and you're all set for 90's Michael. And yes, my kids ARE REALLY into Michael Jackson. REALLY. 

The 70's: 
Chances are you have something slightly resembling the 70's lying around. If not you can DIY some bell bottom caps with a cut off t-shirt sleeve or in my case the ruffle hem off of a skirt. #barrygibbstalkshow

Strong Man: 
Perfect for putting use to those old onesies! Cut and go.

Peter Pan: 
While I definitely made this one from scratch it's super easy to recreate with green leggings, a green fabric covered party hat and a cut up green tee. #nevergrowup

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