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Stripes and Flowers: Why It Works

22 August 2017

Because stripes go with EVERYTHING. Stripes and Florals? Yep. Stripes and Polka Dots. Yup. Stripes and Leopard. Yep. Stripes in my opinion are as neutral as a leopard print. And yes, leopard is a neutral. Contrary to what your mother told you, or at least me, stripes are universally flattering. Tip: Opt for thinner stripes.

If you could own one print, chances are you might choose stripes...

...or florals.

So, with all that being said. I'm wearing some stripes and florals today. You can thank this Who What Wear skirt for that, because I love it and not just because the size 4 fit like a glove. It's such a great print and cut that I couldn't resist scooping it and it's matching bomber up at Target last week. I had the striped crop top on hand but you can find a similar one here for $10.

Jacket Express (similar), Top Forever21, Skirt Target Who What Wear, Shoes BCBG(favorite pump ever), Bag Kohl's 

Shrunken Little White Embroidered Dress

21 August 2017

Mondays, we all dread them. Some more so than others. Which is one of the main reasons we made this summer all about the skipping of the Monday's, instead we just treated it like another day of the weekend. Which in all honesty is how it REALLY should be. 

But, not all can be perfect "Summer Mondays" sitting on the beach eating a hot dog or strolling through the zoo. Like, for instance that Monday when David decided laundry was in order and accidentally washed everything in HOT water, including this little white dress which definitely had a few more inches to spare pre-wash. Well, it doesn't come as a surprise that everything and anything that had even the slightest touch of cotton in it quickly became child's size. Yep, basically all of my summer dresses now have the ability to fit my 8 year old. Which if you're a new mom who hasn't quite jumped into her skinny jeans just yet, it blows. 

But, life, lemons, and lemonade.

 I figured I'd give this adorable dress one more go before sending it packing to my neighbor downstairs. It's so freaking cute, right? 

Dress Chicwish, Shoes Forever21, Bag TJMAXX

5 Lemonade Recipes To Try For National Lemonade Day

20 August 2017

Oh hey! It's National Lemonade Day. So, get yourself some lemons and make yourself some lemonade. It's high 80's over here so today couldn't be a more perfect day for celebrating with a tall glass of lemonade. To give you some incentive channel your inner Beyonce and make some lemonade I thought I've share some of my favorite "lemonade" recipes. Some pack a kick and some are family/bump friendly...


Retro Floral Swing Dress & Ankle Strap Sandals

18 August 2017

Ok, I haven't exactly been consistent with posting this week. Ugh. As it would seem, this whole momming of three + juggling a life is actually kind of time consuming. 

At least, I can say I finally got around to getting my haircut for the first time in like, 4 months. To say it needed it would be a complete understatement but I'm happy with the results thanks to JamieLynn at Rogue House Salon. Guys, if you're in the city head over to the East Village to check out this tiny little salon nestled off east 7th. I had a great time getting to know the crew. I honestly don't know what I would have done without all the TLC her and the team gave me...

For me, nothing quite goes better with a hair refresh like a new dress and this little swing dress is giving me life. How cute is this print and the swing-y shape? Eep. I finally got to take my Aerosoles "High Hopes" sandals for a spin. Truth be told, I've had them sitting in the box in my closet and completely forgot they were there (new mom brain) and found them over the weekend. Christmas in August! I can't bring myself to take them off. They're so comfy (and come in more colors AND are on sale!).  

Also, you have to check out their boots, they are amazing. I'm convinced this blue suede pair would look amazing with this dress come fall...Right? {{ Get 15% off with "FALL2017}}

New hair, new dress and we're off to the weekend....

Dress ASOS, Shoes c/o Aerosoles, Bag Kohl's, Sunnies Karen Walker, Hair c/o Rogue House Salon

Free People Fleur De Jour Dress

16 August 2017

Because flowers love flowers. 

While out and about with the boys a few weeks back we stumbled upon this park with this perfect floral backdrop that was irresistible to pass up shooting my dress against.  Initially we just wanted a place to sit and eat our pizza but after sitting across from this row of flowers while eating a couple of slices I knew I wanted to snap a few pictures before the sun set. It's a little different from my bright wall set ups but I feel like it brought enough color to the scene making it just colorful enough to match up to my brightly hued backgrounds. 

Also, how cute is this dress? Truth: I've been living in it over the last couple of weeks. So comfy and light-weight. Free People for the forever win. 

Dress Free People via Zappos, Bag Vintage, Sandals Forever21

More Color Options: 

Donna Morgan Off-The-Shoulder Dress & The Joys of Shooting Outfits with your Husband

14 August 2017

While I can say that David's photography skills have come a long way in the last 7 and a half years on TfDiaries, I will say that sometimes our expectations on how a shot is supposed to look are completely different. This background situation for instance is definitely one of those times. I'm also not going to lie and say that our picture taking experiences are always the most fun for him especially when you're as indecisive as I am and insist that we need to take a "few more" pictures a dozen times during a shoot. {"few more" I mean another round of like 50}. But hey, at least we've evolved away from taking pictures with dumpsters in clear view...

Me: Stand over there at this angle and get the full shot of the logo and signage.

David: Back up.

Me: But that's not...

David: Back up. 

Me: Ok. {Backs Up}

David: {Takes pictures and walks over to show me}

Me: Nope. 

David: {shoots off another 50 pictures}

Me: Also, nope. 

Needless to say we didn't get the shot and we're just going to write this particular shoot off as a non-win but hey, at least my dress is cute & on sale....

Full disclosure: He's a trooper and really patient with me...

Dress Donna Morgan, Bag TJMAXX, Sunnies Karen Walker