Easy Sweet and Savory Peach, Arugula and Mozzarella Salad

At the risk of sounding unpopular I have to admit that I LOVE arugula. I put it on everything from pasta to tacos (I know, weird). There's something about that bitter crunch with sweet and savory that gives me life. So, it's not really a huge surprise for me to want to eat a bowl full of it with some of my favorite ingredients. One of my current favorites is with peaches and mozzarella with a drizzle of honey. It's heaven in a bowl if you ask me. Add some savory cured meats and boom, it's a full meal. 

...not a peach lover? Tart, crunchy apples or mandarins are a great substitute! 

Easy Sweet and Savory Peach, Arugula and Mozzarella Salad 

What You Need: 
2 Cups Fresh Wild Arugula 
1 Large Peach, Chopped 
1/2 C, chopped (un)Cured Meat Of Choice 
1 Cup Mozzarella Pearls, halved
2 Tbsp. chopped fresh basil
Drizzle of Olive Oil
Drizzle of Honey

Optional: Shaved Parmesan to garnish & Toasted French Bread.
Salt and pepper to taste.

In a large bowl combine (washed) arugula, peaches, cheese and sopresseta. 

Add drizzle of olive oil and honey (I used more honey than olive oil - about 2tbsp. straight from the bottle). 

Toss until lightly coated. 

Garnish with fresh parmesan.

Best Places To Stay In Kauai: Kauai Marriott Resort

I'll start by saying that picking the right hotel for any adventure is a pretty important task. I've mentioned before that it can sometimes make or break the experience of your vacation. So when Melanie and I booked a last-minute trip Kauai we knew we had to find a place on the beach, have some kind of a view and of course, a pool. Priorities, right? 

It took some digging but eventually we found the perfect place, The Kauai Marriott resort. After a quick look at their location (it's 5 minutes from the airport), the website, and their offerings it was a no-brainer that they were going to become our home for nearly a week. Like most things I'm always anxious to see how a place holds up in-person after seeing it on the worldwide web but the resort blew our expectations out of the water. It's an understatement to say it's stunning. 

Our room was flawless and came with one of the most amazing views I've ever seen, a doting and welcoming staff and a pretty lengthy list of amenities and activity offerings every day. It was the perfect place to experience Hawaii for the very first time and I think you'll feel the same way...

Aside from those mentioned above, I've compiled a list of reasons why Kauai Marriott Resort is a must-stay place on the island- just in case you need an additional nudge in their direction.
1. Gorgeous Resort and Rooms
Pulling into the Kauai Marriott Resort's lush scenic property was like out of a dream. The grounds leading up to the beach are adorned with perfectly manicured tropical plants, flowers and trees. At the bottom of the escalator is an enormous Koi pond with a waterfall and surrounding seating for a moment of Zen before checking in at the lobby desk. It's hard to miss and has daily Koi feedings, which are a sight! Frangipani (Plumeria) trees are spread throughout the grounds making for opportune moments to grab a freshly dropped flower for your hair. Remember, left side for taken and right for looking.  The resort also happens to have the largest single-level outdoor pool in the state of Hawaii. That paired with the 5 surrounding hot tubs made for an incredible pool day.

Our room was amazing. The view alone was an incredible sight first thing every morning. We slept with the blinds open and let the cotton candy sunrises (and roosters) rouse us each day. It was incredibly spacious, two double beds, a pull-out couch with a coffee table, full size desk and bistro table over looking what I imagine to be the best view in the house. Everything was clean and always stocked, thanks to the amazing housekeeping staff who took perfect care of us each day. To say it was hard packing up on departure day is a bit of an understatement.
2. Kalapaki Beach
The resort just so happens to be on one of the most swimmable & kid-friendly beaches on the island, Kalapaki Beach. WIN! The picturesque cove has mild waves and frequents cruise lines that dock throughout the week. Make your way down to the beach for a swim, surf and/or game of beach volleyball. Lounge on a beach chair for a front-row seat to watching surfers, paddle boarding and swimming.
3. On-Site Rentals and Excursions
One of the perks of being on Kalapaki Beach is it's a great place to learn all kinds of water and wave based activities. The surf is great for beginners and reliable thanks to the reef break. Rent yourself a long board for $35 a day from the Kauai Beach Boys shack on the beach and paddle out. Not ready to catch a wave? No problem, they also have kayak and stand up paddle board rentals available. They even have daily Catamaran cruise tours. Of course the resort also has an extremely helpful concierge service that can help you book an array of excursions throughout your stay.
4. On-Site Dining Options
(including room service!)
While we spent a good majority of the time eating pok√© from Foodland, the resort had several delicious options for dining on-site. We were exhausted our first night on the island and ended up ordering room service and watched cooking shows before "conching" out before 8pm. The food was quick and hit the spot. Throughout the following days we dined beachfront at Kukui's on Kalapaki Black and Duke's Kauai. Other options include Italian from Cafe Portofino, stop in breakfast options at Aupaka Terrace, & sushi at Toro-Tei Sushi Bar. They also have a Hawaiian luau every Monday night. 

5. Daily Activities
When we checked in we were handed a calendar with hour-by-hour listings of activity options during your stay for both adults and children. Some were complimentary and some required a small fee. They had everything from movies on the beach to lei making classes. We popped into a couple of activities such as the torch lighting ceremony, movie night and s'more making. So, if you get tired of wandering the island there's plenty to do at the resort each day.
6. Kid-Friendly 
While I didn't see a huge amount of kids on our trip I was definitely on the lookout for activities and special attractions for future use for my boys. One, they have a children's pool with a waterslide for kids up to 12 years old. It was just the right size and the kids looked like they were having a blast. They have a huge variety of kids activities to keep kids busy between excursions, beach time and pool time. 

7. Full Service Spa
Massages on the beach? Yes, please. The Kauai Marriott Resort has it's very own full service spa that leaves you feeling pampered and refreshed. Pricing ranges from $45 for a blowout to $125 for a 50 minute massage on the beach. 

8. Location
 Aside from all of the amazing amenities, the resort just so happens to be in the middle of the island making it ridiculously easy to get from one end of the island to the next. It also doesn't hurt that it's 5 minutes away from Lihue Airport, ideal for snagging additional beach time before your flight (Marriott's hospitality room makes it easy to clean up from the beach even after you've checked out). They offer round-the-clock complimentary shuttles to and from the airport and also have on-site rental car services from Enterprise. Tip: If you're on the 10pm flight, check out and leave your bags with the bellman. Keep one small bag for yourself with your 'essentials' for the day and ask for a key to the hospitality room. They have lockers and showers with the best smelling-shampoo & conditioner. Spend the day at the pool, beach or explore the island a bit more before heading back to the mainland...
This post is sponsored by Marriott. All opinions are my own. 

Fall Staple: Leather Pencil Skirt Worn Two Ways

Pencil skirts are back with a bang for fall 2018! We're seeing them in leopard, fun textures and of course, the ever classic leather. Aside from a good Moto jacket everyone needs a leather item for their closet. For me, I like to buy mine vintage because well, it's cheaper in most cases and it's a little more sustainable. This particular skirt set me back $10 at Savers. We're already fully aware that I'm an avid Savers shopper. I LOVE searching for the buried treasure in stores and you really can't beat the prices  (most items are under $7!). It also doesn't hurt being part of the Super Savers club which scores me coupons and discounts just about every trip, so definitely check that out!

That being said, I'll tell you right now: Savers is 100% the place to find all of your leather and suede goods for the season (remember this suede coat?) for under $25. The quality is always amazing and I'm pretty sure I've never spent more than $20 on a single item, including a few pairs of like-new suede and leather boots I picked up on my latest haul (coming soon). I'll admit, I occasionally find a musty leather piece but after tossing in a garbage bag with some baking soda for a few days you're good to go and can skip the hefty dry cleaning bill! So don't let that throw you off - it's easily remedied.

As for this particular skirt, it was a huge win if you ask me. I spotted it on the racks but didn't have time to try it on, so I threw into my cart and bought it with the rest of my finds. I got home, tried it on and it fit like a glove. YAS! For $10 and nearly perfect condition it felt like fate! I also scored a pair of low-rise purple leather pants that feel very Britney & X-tina from the early 00's but I need a minute to figure out how I'm going to style them...

Now, that you heard about how I snagged my skirt, let's talk about how to style it for now while it's still a little on the warmer side and for later when the temperatures call for a little more layering. 

For Now: 
I'm all about a graphic tee, classic heel and pop of color from another recent Savers find, this red leather bag with a tortoise shell handle ($12). I added the B&W scarf and extra pop of print & texture. Too much leather on leather can start to feel a little biker chic and I'm not quite going for that... 

For Later: 
A mock turtleneck, fitted coat and suede boots always do the trick. It's  classic, easily put together and looks great. I opted for a suede boot to break up the textures...
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Best Throwback Halloween Costume Ideas For Mom and Baby

HALLOWEEN 2018! Who's ready? It might be an understatement but I am, for sure. 

Ok, I'm going to be upfront here and say I was a little nervous when Savers asked me back to create another round of costumes for Halloween this year. I honestly didn't think I was going to be able to top last year's looks. I LOVED that post. But, after stopping into the store with a couple ideas in mind and some that came to me while there, I knew this year I had to enlist help from someone extra special...


For this year's Savers Halloween post, we're doing mommy and me costume ideas with a nod to some of my favorite movies from the 80's, 90's and early 2000's...

Before we get nostalgic with this year's costumes I have to talk about my Savers shopping experience, because without it I wouldn't have these costumes or ideas. It is such a boon when it comes to shopping for Halloween- not only because they have all the treasures on the rack- but also competitively priced exclusive halloween costumes (for my other boys who refuse to let mom play costume designer). If you haven't shopped for your costume yet: go to Savers or Value Village ASAP.  Whether you're going in without an idea in the world of what you want to be, or if you've already nailed down your costume - you're going to leave happy. Another perk: They also have ridiculously knowledgeable consultants on hand if you need a little help brainstorming and or finding pieces to complete your costume. These ladies and gentlemen take halloween just as seriously as I do and I loved bouncing ideas off them. If your store has a halloween consultant on duty- talk to them!  

For me personally, I had already had two of the costumes in mind when searching the racks but the final costume came to me when I found the ringer tee hanging on rack right next to the maroon t-shirt I pulled for another costume. It had to be fate because it could not have been a more perfect pick and dare I say my favorite costume of the bunch...

Enough mystery! Let's dig into this year's costumes! 
Andie and Duckie 
Pretty In Pink (1986)
Ugh, I love this movie and not just because it was released the year I was born. Admittedly, I didn't see it until I was in high school, but I still hold a candle for Duckie and in my head, they totally got together in the end instead of with BLANE (it's a major appliance!). It was the perfect costume to go full 80's with...
What You Need: 
Andie: Vest // Button Up Maxi Skirt // Flat Boots // Round Hat // Scarves // Brooches // Blazer (with Scrunched up Sleeves) 
Duckie: Printed Shirt // Vest // Bollo // Round Hat // Jeans // Blazer (optional).
Dr. Sarah Harding (Julianne Moore) and The Baby T-Rex 
Jurassic Park The Lost World (1997)
I LOVE this movie, we recently just re-watched it and I knew that Julianne Moore's character, Sarah Harding was getting added to my list. At first, I was gung-ho for Indy being Jeff Goldblum's character because he's AWESOME but after seeing her carrying that little T-rex baby into that trailer I knew we had to go that route...Cutest t-rex everrrr.
What You Need: 
Dr. Sarah Harding:  Maroon T-shirt // Brown Pants // Utility or Military Jacket // Backpack // Boots // Camera (optional) // Scarf*

*I cut an old grey t-shirt and created a small scarf by stretching and wrapping the fabric. 
Baby Dinosaur: You can go the easy route and grab a dinosaur costume or buy a dinosaur onesie pajama and add some extra stripes or texture. 
And last but certainly not least, 
Napoleon Dynamite and Kip 
Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
After I spotted that Vote For Pedro ringer tee on the rack I knew it was meant to be. HAD to do it. Obviously Indiana is way more into his character than I thought he would be and has been spending the day staring at his new mustache and mugging at himself as I would believe Kip does while chatting with hot babes on the internet all day...
What You Need: 
Napoleon Dynamite: Vote For Pedro Ringer Tee // Dark Denim Jeans // Black Boots // Aviator Glasses // Curly Wig (if you don't have this wild red mane).
Kip: Blue Polo Shirt // Khaki Shorts // Tube Socks // White Sneakers // Mustache // Aviator Glasses // La Fawnduh Sign 
Of course it's not a Savers Halloween Post without a video accompaniment...
< < Press Play > >
For more Halloween inspiration check out their website!

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Best Throwback Costume Ideas For You and Your Best Friend

As promised Jackie and I's Halloween costumes are here! 

This year, after much deliberation we decided to throw it back to the past and bring out some personal favorites from our childhood and beyond...Those are the best kind, right?


We even invited Indy back for a cameo or two...

Again, I'm all about shopping my closet or pieces that I can re-use post holiday so these are easily transitioned from costume party to real-life (with the exception of a few items). 

First up, one of my favorite Halloween movies that I have been dying to use as a costume since Jackie and I started, Death Becomes Her. Ugh, I love this movie! I first saw it when I was a kid and immediately was like W.T.FFFF, but I loved every second of it's dark comedy weirdness. If you haven't seen this cult classic starring Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis you have to add it to your watch list ASAP. Hold onto your shovels folks, this one is going to blow you away...

Death Becomes Her
Megan as Helen Sharp : Dress  // Candleabra // Shoes 

Jackie as Madeline Ashton : Dress // Shoes 

Next up, an even funnier pick, Troop Beverly Hills. I can watch this one on repeat. I adore Phyllis Nefler's wacky hijinx all while wearing couture. So naturally, I had to channel my inner wilderness leader with bold earrings, fabulous heels and my own spin on their uniform. Now, I'm ready to do  "The Freddy", throw a fancy party and go head to head with a skunk...

Troop Beverly Hills
Megan as Phyllis Nefler: Blazer (similar) // Skirt (similar) // Shoes //  Hat // Scarf //  Fake Cigarette Holder

Jackie as Hannah Nefler: Dress // Beret // Shoes // Belt 

If you didn't play Candyland as a kid, did you even have a childhood? I'll admit I never fully understood the game, I'm more of a Monopoly gal myself but who can resist the allure of Princess Frostine and Princess Lolli? It's colorful, fun and ridiculously easy to re-create. Also, it's edible, kind of...

Megan as Princess Lolly: Dress // Shoes (similar) // Crown & Wand (similar) // Banana Split Costume

Jackie as Princess Frostine: Dress // Crown // Shoes // Wand // Game

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