Textured White Sweater and Floral Maxi Dress with Boots

This fashion week has been much different than others of the past. Usually, I tend to get sick at the end of a long week but this time around I caught a stomach flu just as it began. It's going around, everywhere so wash, wash, wash your hands. On the first day out, feeling 50% I popped into Drybar with DL1961 and was treated to a blowout. It definitely made a difference on how I was feeling. Instant perk up. After, I met Jackie and Gita to snap some pictures before heading home to rest up for the afternoon so I could brave an evening out.

Pink Faux Fur Aviator Coat and Tiered Print Mini Dress

Give a girl a cozy pink coat and she can conquer the winter. I've been loving the pairings with this powder pink faux fur aviator coat and they keep coming. This time around, it's a tiered butterfly and floral print mini dress with tights, boots and a ring handle bag. 

Jacket H&M // Dress BEBE // Boots Dolce Vita // Bag Kohl's // Belt Target 

Revolution Math: A New Reason For Your Kids To Love Math

Ugh, guys I'm going to level with you here: the kid's math homework stresses me out. I honestly love math but every time I look at the kid's books when they ask me for homework help I swear I'm looking at an unsolvable rubix cube. Is it just me? I can't be the only one.

So, when I wanted something math-based and educational for the boys to do after school on their already tight schedules I looked towards Revolution Math. It's a live online class that combines math games and story-based adventures for 2nd-5th graders. You choose 1-hour a week for your kid to log in to an interactive classroom with up to 3 other students and a teacher. It's amazing because you don't have to tote your child(ren) to yet another afterschool program and it can be done from the comfort of your couch, dining room or kitchen. So I can make dinner, manage the toddler and respond to emails while the boys are logged into their class sessions. Ah, the joys of modern-day technology...

I'll be transparent here, we're not huge screen-time parents. You're not going to find them on tablets or phones at home. So, we're sometimes skeptical about online 'math games' they bring home because they have a browser open with ads and one wrong click can fill up a screen with ads and who knows what. Truth: It happened to David's computer last year and we ended up having to toss it. Now, with Revolution Math they're not clicking through a bunch of browsers. They are on Revolution Math's platform via Zoom. They're also overseen by a teacher so I feel 100% comfortable leaving them alone with my computer for an hour. It's extremely user friendly and follows common core-aligned curriculum that seems so much more like play that they don't realize they're learning. When you sign up you are sent a welcome box that includes character masks, game pieces, flash cards, dice, graph paper, and a protractor to make things a little more hands on during each session- which is a huge plus in my book.

I watched Aiden from the couch for his first session and honestly, he was glowing. He was having fun with his teacher, Heather (who was amazing) and his classmates. They did fractions and incorporated them seamlessly into the storyline of the adventure. Each time they completed something they were  awarded gems that can actually be used for real-life prizes like legos, a skateboard and/or a drone! So, if you need that little extra incentive to get them going, this is it. They might be in it for the prizes but they leave with a deeper understanding of important math concepts and have more confidence encountering the material. Win, win.

And for parents interested in how their child is progressing, the teacher helps determine each individual's progress and areas of improvement which they relay each week to parents via email updates.

As for pricing, it's a lot more affordable than their competitors that run up to $459 a month for much larger class sizes (20+). Revolution Math is $149 a month, or $99 a month (annually). But, They've been amazing enough to extend a $1 30-day trial price to my reader with promo code "MEGAN1". Of course, after the 30-days you can cancel if it's not the right fit or extend if you love it.

Key Points For Trying Revolution Math 

+ Grades 2 - 5

+ Makes Learning Math Fun

+ Interactive Classroom with Teacher

+ Small Class Sizes (Up To 4 Students Total)

+ Common Core Aligned Curriculum Math Games combined with Story-Based Adventures

+ 1-Hour A Week From The Comfort of Your Home

+ Real-life Prizes

Try Revolution Math for 30 Day for $1 with Promo Code: MEGAN1
Sponsored by Revolution Math. All opinions are my own. 

Bright and Bohemian Living Room with Rattan Panton Inspired S-Chairs under $350

I've been looking to update our living room for a year or so now but with the welcoming of a new year I knew it had to be sooner than later. 

  I'll start off by saying, If you're a long time reader you might remember this amazing orange chair but after nearly 5 years of kid and cat wear we had to send it packing. Trust me, it was crushing setting it curbside. So we did a little re-arranging for Christmas and decided to move our tulip table next to the window where our beloved chair once lived. After the tree and decorations were gone we immediately knew that corner where the once table lived needed an upgrade and stat! So, in came Wayfair to save the day with these amazing Rattan Dining S-chairs ($320 for the set of two). I love a Panton inspired S-chair and the neutral hue + rattan texture makes them even better. It's really hard not to love them. And surprisingly, they're extremely comfortable. 

While the corner isn't nearly as bright, I love the newest additions paired with a wall mirror and floating shelf. When we do finally get around to moving we'll locate the chairs to our round table so the whole family can enjoy them. Until then, they're the spot for entertaining or catching up on book club reads.

The Lazy Girl's Guide To Easy Brunch Ideas for Kids

At the risk of sounding basic: I'm a gal about brunch.  If you've been following along on Instagram you've probably spotted our weekly brunch set up at home via stories. I'll admit, I'd much rather be sipping mimosas at a trendy restaurant on the avenue but wrangling an antsy toddler in a high chair has me reluctant to drop $20 a plate every weekend. So, brunch at home it is. But like other moms running on empty from lack of sleep and basically everything else, I really don't love spending a whole lot of time whipping together brunch for 5. So over the last several months I've found a handful of brunch ideas that look and taste like you spent hours in the kitchen perfecting the recipe while in reality it took about 15 minutes to throw together.

One of my favorite ways to keep it simple is skipping the stove and using the oven. Just mix, drop it in a dish and let the oven do it's magic. Thus, the idea of the Lazy Girl's Guide To Making Brunch for Kids came to mind. So, we're keeping it simple with five of my favorite brunch staples that lack the huge effort but pack huge results...

For Eggs
Forget scrambling eggs that stick to the pan no matter how much butter you use. Make it a FRITTATA in a ceramic dish and bake for 30 minutes. All you need is 6-8 eggs, a smidge of milk and the toppings of your choice. We've used everything from black beans, tomotoes, peppers and cheese. Bonus: it looks better than simple scrambled eggs and the kids ALWAYS ask for seconds. 

French Toast
Easily one of my favorite brunch foods but let's be real when you're cooking for 4 boys you're spending quite of bit of time dipping slices of bread and cooking them. Forget that noise, bake it. Cube up 2-3 cups of the bread of your choice (challah and day-old ciabatta breads are my favorite) and place on a greased 13x9 baking dish. Preheat oven to 350˚. Whisk up about 6 eggs, 1 cup of milk, 2 tbsp. of vanilla and a 1 tbsp. of ground cinnamon. Drizzle oven bread and coat evenly. Let sit about 10 minutes to let it absorb and bake for 25-35 minutes. Bonus: Sprinkle with brown sugar before baking or top with bananas or blueberries. 

Another way, is to slice up French Bread and arrange it in a cast iron skillet and bake for about 20 minutes. Top with fresh cream and blueberries. 

Spice Up (Canned) Cinnamon Rolls
We almost always have Cinnamon Roll dough in the fridge and it is the easiest food to just pop in with zero effort. I'm all about jazzing them up to make them even better like unrolling and adding cream cheese, pumpkin puree, chocolate chips or banana. I'm putting together a recipe for the Bananas Foster Cinnamon Rolls I created a few weeks back (stay tuned). 

Bake Your Bacon
Forget flipping bacon in a skillet when you can bake it in the same amount of time and double the crispness. I've been using a broiler pan at 400˚for 15 minutes. 

I liked this idea so much that I gave it it's own post. Honestly, it's the easiest brunch idea to date and the kids are constantly asking for a repeat. Get un-iced toaster pastries (I love Glutino and Annie's ), make your own icing and let them pile their pastries with fruits, sprinkles and whatever else until their little hearts are content. 

What are your favorite "Lazy Girl's" To Easy Brunch Ideas for Kids 

Ten Gorgeous Maxi Dresses You Won't Believe Are Under $50

Give me a boho maxi dress and I'll wear it until it unravels at the seams. For me, I'm all for a bold print and good price when shopping for my next addition so I couldn't resist a little extra swoon after spotting some of these beauties under $50 below. Guys, these are gorge and who can say no those prices?!

Wear It Again: Layer Your Wrap Dress Over Jeans

Full disclosure: I bought this particular dress to layer over this brown turtleneck because the colors just happened to be the perfect match for each other. But, that doesn't change my opinion on giving dresses extra wear by layering them over jeans. I'm all for making the most of wears, especially when it comes to dresses and jeans. Tip: I recommend you start with wrap dresses, you can loosen to tighten to your desired fit over your jeans. For instance you can go a little looser with high waisted jeans and give your dress a little mid-tuck or you can have it more fitted with mid-rise styles to avoid showing the midriff. I also love treating my dress like a little kimono like in this instance where I threw it over my turtleneck and jeans and paired with white boots. 

Dress ASOS // Turtleneck Peruvian Connection (similar) // Jeans Wrangler // Boots Dolce Vita // Bag Fossil 

Tan Shearling Coat and ASOS Mixed Print Maxi Dress

A couple of weekends back we had amazing upper-40 degree weather that warranted light layers and a jacket. We grabbed some brunch on the water at Industry Kitchen and shot a few pictures here in the seaport district. It was the perfect backdrop for my shearling coat and mixed print dress. 70's vibes going strong. I layered my dress with a pima turtleneck, tights and belt for a more winter friendly take, tossing on the coat to protect me from the occasional bursts of wind.