Little Embroidered Dress

First off, how cute is this little embroidered dress?! I actually picked it up during my trip at Bollare's Hub and have been swooning since I saw it on the hanger. Adorable is an understatement when you factor in this amazing background from the Surfcomber. Can I just move in? Paradise found. 

For me, this is all laid back summer vibes. I'm really loving incorporating scarves in hand bands to all of my looks right now. It's really doing it for me and I apologize ahead of time for blowing things up with creative headwear options for summer. On vacation or at home...

Dress Innika Choo // Shoes James Smith "Off Duty" // Bag Bloomingdales // Sunnies Karen Walker

Easy Tips For Keeping Your Clothes Whiter Longer

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Clorox Company. All opinions are 100% mine.
If it hasn't been terribly obvious over the last few years, I love wearing white. It's bright, crisp and looks great with just about anything. For me, when I'm wearing white, I'm a magnet for everything and anything to stain whatever it is that I'm wearing. I don't know how, but I manage to do it. 

But you're a mom of three boys, Megan. Come on. 

Yeah, I can't entirely pull the parent card because truth be told, it happens when there's not a kid in sight and it's been happening for years before they were even a twinkle in my eye. For instance, last week when I was shopping, I walked up to the cash register and noticed my white top had not one, but two coffee-hued stains up front and center. Naturally, it was from me entirely missing the mark while sipping my coffee, and no kids around to blame, but regardless, there they were. So yeah, I'm clumsy and need a lot of help when it comes to keeping my whites, well, white.
Sure, there's a number of ways to do it, including never wearing white again, or maybe a drop cloth, but I know I can always rely on Clorox Regular-Bleach₂ with CLOROMAX®.  I have it down to a science when it comes to keeping things bright and stain-free. And by science I mean, I follow the directions from the label on the bottle. Of course, I make tweaks here and there - 

For example: Spot TREATING Stains - I like to spot-treat small stains by diluting a tbsp. of bleach with a cup of water. I then use a cotton swab to dab and treat each individual stain. Rinse and then wash like usual. It's basically a homemade Clorox pen for your clothes... 

I don't just reserve this special treatment for my favorite tops, shorts and dresses - I'm all for keeping white towels, quilt and sheets bright and fresh for as long as possible, especially when I'm constantly transferring makeup to my towels. 

For using Clorox in the Laundry to keep your whites bright and stain-free, I try to use it every other cycle unless I have some serious stains in action. I use about a 1/2 cup of Clorox® Regular-Bleach2 with CLOROMAX® with a regular load of laundry. I start by adding the water to the wash cycle waiting a few minutes and then add the bleach, followed by detergent and laundry. Wash and dry like usual! Most washers have a dispenser in which you can just fill it to the line. I like to do it the old fashion way like my mom taught me years ago. Either way works! 

Added bonus: Clorox® Regular-Bleach2 with CLOROMAX® disinfects to kill 99.9% of germs and keeps clothes whiter longer and cleans and protects surfaces.

You can find Clorox® Regular-Bleach2 with CLOROMAX® at Walmart and! 

Editor's Note: Like other cleaning supplies and chemicals, be mindful of where you store and use them when children are in the house. We like to keep any and all supplies on a tall shelf that only David and I can reach with a stool. 

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Must-Haves For Packing The Perfect Picnic

This post is sponsored by AVA Grace Vineyards.  All opinions are my own and as always, drink responsibly.
I'm going to start by saying that picnic season is my favorite season. It's been a tradition since David and I were first married with limited funds. We would pack a picnic, head to the park and just sit under the trees for hours people-watching, snacking and catching outdoor movies. It's one of my favorite memories from our life before kids and has become a large part of our lifestyle when the spring and summer temperatures arrive. These days we have three kids in tow but it doesn't make it any less amazing, just a little louder, messy and chaotic maybe?

So when I get a chance to have a picnic outing sans the band of boys you know I'm going to take full advantage of the vitamin d, serenity, snacks and set-up.  This time around, Jackie and I got to try cheers to AVA Grace's new canned wine varietials, most importantly, the Rosé. Is there anything better than chilled Rosé on a picnic blanket in the middle of summer?

It's basically a summer rite of passage if you ask me...

So there we were, delicious Rosé in hand enjoying the sights and sounds of summer with a board full of snacks. Perfect, right? Absolutely.

Now, before we go any further and talk about my must-haves for packing the perfect picnic I have to talk about these new canned varieties from AVA Grace. First of all, the Art Deco design is stunning and honestly made it hard for me to toss them in the recycling after all was said and done. The Rosé itself was crisp and paired perfectly with our snacks- exactly how you would expect it to taste on a temperate summer day. I personally loved the ease of skipping the drama of glasses and bottles in favor of tossing a couple of cans in my bag before heading out! Each can is perfectly proportioned to 2.5 glasses of wine which is ideal for an afternoon picnic outing. Does it look like these are in the running to be a permanent staple for picnic outings? Definitely.

See my whole list of essentials below...

Must-Haves For Packing The Perfect Picnic

- Refreshments -
Ok, so we kind of just covered this, but definitely add AVA Grace cans to your list (you can find them with a store locator tool, here). They also come in a good Pinot Grigio as well. Of course, now that you have your wine, you need your hydration: a large bottle of water. I tend to use the reusable screw-top aluminum bottles to keep things chilled, but you can choose whatever.

- The Snacks -
I personally like to try and keep our picnics a utensil-free zone to make things easier. But occasionally, I'll bring along pasta salad in a reusuable to-go container. As for the rest, I'm all for fresh easy-to-eat fruits and vegetables such as: already sliced watermelon, apples, apricots, grapes, carrots, cucumbers and cherries. Of course you need your carbs, so French baguettes with brie or any soft cheese and pastries deserve to be on your board's layout. Don't forget the cured meats and nuts for a savory, filling touch.  

- The Set-Up -
So you've found the right spot for your picnic. Woohoo! Before you plop down your snacks and refreshments make sure the ground isn't going to soak through your picnic blanket. Pro tip: always bring a plastic shower curtain along for the ride. It keeps your picnic blanket -and butt- dry. They fold up flat and go right back in our bag post-picnic.

Next, your picnic blanket - I want something that all five of us can fit on and is, of course, aesthetically pleasing. I usually use a zip up blanket (similar here) for family outings but I couldn't resist this ikat & fringe shower curtain with our Art Deco cans. So much color!

Now, the fruit and cheese board. I bring along a wood cutting board to arrange our snacks and additional bowls for chips, dips and salads.

- Always Be Prepared -
It's summer, which means it's pesky insect and full-sun season. Make sure your bag includes bug spray, spf and a hat - not only for protection but to also keep you looking chic on your picnic. Don't forget napkins, additional bags for trash and recycling (keep your parks and beaches clean!) and a couple of first aid necessities like band aids, an ice pack, and pain relievers - just in case. A wireless speaker couldn't hurt the situation either, especially if you have zero interest in the surrounding picnicker's conversations and music.

The Cutest $33 Floral Off The Shoulder Dress

I'm heading to Miami on Friday with Lara and my favorite ladies from SwimUSA for Swim Week and I'm so excited! Of course to get the in mood I needed to throw on something super colorful and festive. I mean, how cute it this little floral dress? All the Bardot vibes! Also, It's Who What Wear Collection. They can do no wrong in my book. It may or may not have landed a spot in my suitcase for this week's festivities and I'm not mad about it. I especially love it with these red Chinese Laundry sandals but think it would look equally adorable with slides and sneakers... 

How would you wear it?

Ten Little White Dresses For Every Occasion

I think I've posted enough little white dresses here on TfDiaries to show that I am pro-little white dress no matter the occasion. Basically as soon as spring temperatures hit I'm swapping anything black for something a little (really, a lot) brighter and you better believe I'm wearing it everywhere as the season progresses. This time around Jackie and I are sharing a couple of our current favorites and how to wear them. 

For me, give me anything fringe and you've basically won me over. This long sleeve tassel mini dress is all sorts of heck yes in my book. I've been wearing it with these lace-up Sorel sandals and my satin slides. You can't got bohemian without the right accessories, so again, this oversized straw bag made the cut. I know I basically wear it with everything but it's hard to put it down when it goes with all of your outfits and holds everything. Finally, because I do love some color I added just a pop with an orange-coral lip. 

Jackie went a little more lady-like in her white Chicwish lace dress. First off, Chicwish knows how to make a lace dress so if you're in the market definitely check them first for affordable options. She styled hers with the perfect muted pastels. I need those Sole Society sandals STAT. 

Here's 8 More Little White Dresses For Every Occassion

Stay tuned, I'll be sharing how to keep your little white dresses bright and stain free!