3 Pairs Of Tights To Love This Winter

It's no secret that I'm a pretty big fan of legwear, I'm almost certain I've spent the majority of the Fall season in tights. Let's be real they're the superior choice to pants, plus they're cute. Now, I'm not going to lie I'm pretty picky when it comes to my tights choices, I recently forgot my L'eggs when I was packing for New Orleans and had to resort to an anonymous drugstore pair and let me tell you I was not a happy camper for the whopping three days I was with out them (hello muffin top, and terrible fabric). It wasn't cute. But, it made me realize how good I really have it with the brands I love, one of which is L'eggs. They just about every style you can imagine, including socks. I personally favor the Covert-a-tight (it can turn to leggings!), boot tights and the sheer energy tights. All of which have quickly become my cold weather staples. Also, they're under $10, so when I hit a snag I don't feel like it's the end of the world having to toss them. 

With that all being said, I'm sharing my three favorites and how I wore them...

Opaque, easily converts from tight to legging. Great with booties, heels and flats. 

Ribbed footies for maximum comfort with boots, I tried these with my favorite  boots along with the covert-a-tight and found these were way more comfortable with them. Best with boots higher than your ankle to conceal the 'socks'

For the glam night on the town. Great with heels.