5 Ways To Wear A Wide Brim Hat

Earlier this week I got an email from one of my fabulous readers requesting a 5 WTW base around my Oxblood hat, She just picked it up on clearance and wanted a little insight on styling it. It just so happens that I've actually worn it a little over 5 times so it fit perfectly in the swing of things. Turns out, wide brim hats are a lot more versatile that I originally anticipated and this one in particular has become a favorite. So Shelly, Here's 5 Ways To Wear a Wide Brim Hat...

1. Casually Layered
Top off jeans and a tee, and you can't go wrong..
2. With Some Fringe
Play with some fringe and leather for a just a taste of 'hipster chic'..
3. With A Maxi
Want to feel a little more bohemian? Add a maxi, wavy hair and a little fringe...
4. With A Flirty Dress
 Pair it with A Flirty Dress With Boots, for a more trendy appeal..
5. With Chambray
Grab that other neutral in your closet, Chambray, it goes with everything...

How would you wear it?

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