5 Ways To Take Summer Styles To Fall

It's official, it's fall and all those summer pieces sitting front row in your closet are just begging not to be put away just yet. And really there's no need to really retire them until Spring just yet, I mean, why would you want to, all those playful prints and colors easily made fall-like with the simplest, subtle touches. 

Here's 5 Of My Favorite Ways To Take My Summer Styles To Fall -

1. Top It Off With A Knit
Take one of your favorite summer prints and top it off with a fall knit, and immediately you've brought it back for a little more life.
2. Add The "It" Color
Since everyone is talking about all things oxblood, throwing it on and accessorizing with it immediately takes yesterday's news to trendsetting.
3. Add Some Boots
I always love the day where I can comfortable dawn boots for the season, why not do it transitioning a light weight dress...
4. Add Leather (Or Leatherette)
It's no secret that Leather is one of the biggest trends right now and will be right on into Spring, so toughen up that summer get up with a little leather or vegan leather if you please.
5. Accessorize 
The easiest way to make Summer work for Fall is adding a simple accessory (or more) here or there, don't be afraid to accessorize and play with the 'ways' listed above.
How Do You Transition To Fall?