This Week...

So this week has been like a roller coaster, bringing lots of ups and lots of downs, I guess the ups were there to catch up downs, right? But I'll take it, I have some great opportunities coming up and I cannot wait to share with you! Plus I did a little shopping, I snagged some summer sweaters from Old Navy for under $8 for the two of them, best buy ever. With that being said I'm going to open with my newly acquired dresses from London Times (By Maggie London)...Best part, most of their dresses are well under $100!
The most practical bag to come for me has to be from SnapSac, eco-friendly shopping bags for under $5 -  Hello Fashionista Shopping Bag, Grocery Shopping Just Got Chicer. Obviously I'm going to have to get some more..
 These have been made two more times since this post on last Sunday, don't judge - try and you will feel my pain. Two Words... Nutella.Cookies. (in 10 minutes!)
Evan decided this week that he was a frog, a darn cute frog at that - who later rocked a mohawk but I won't bore you too much with baby pictures.
And finally the best $90 spent all year had to go to buying a membership at our aquarium, we've been at least 4 times in the last week, and it serves for inspiration purposes for potentially going back into designing - hello bold colors! Oh, and the boys are thrilled (all three of them) - of.course.they.are.
Have a great weekend. Xo.