So obviously most of  you have already heard of this storm over here in my neck of the woods, all of this rain and wind would make some one crazy, especially someone who is attempting to relieve herself of a cold that just keeps hanging on. So these last couple of days at the sight of anything sunny I've muscled the will to throw some clothes on to take some pictures, and wouldn't you know every time I got outside snapped a picture or two, downpour. No joke, I think I must've fallen for that trick maybe a few times too many before I realized this storm was determined to make this not work. 

So of course yesterday I get up get dressed (in this amazing dress from Oasap, now sold out, but they have others..) and make my way out and am going about my business, and bam, sun. Of course, me not remembering those last couple days  I mosey on my way finishing my errands, get home tell my husband of this 'light' and we start to walk out the door, rain. again. I'm telling you this storm has something against me, so I put the kids back and unload the groceries and what, sun, again? I was determined to beat this storm who clearly has a bipolar issue with all this rain, sun, rain crap and got in the car went by the water and got my sun. End result, with extra wind. 

 dress and ring (YSL Arty Ispo) OASAP, bag steve madden via marshall's, shoes shoemint, necklaces carol duplaise and honey rose and k, scarf vintage.