What's In Stores: Target Shops

Before kicking off the weekend, I snuck off to check out the newly set up 'Shops' at Target. Not exactly knowing what to expect I set my expectations low with high prices in mind (thanks to the recent collabs), but was quickly set straight when I realized they were a little more reasonable than usual. $20 flowing tanks and $30 dresses seem a little more on target for collaborations. I was impressed with Target's choice in The Webster, the prints were spot on for summer, as well as the more breathable fabrics like cotton, major plus. My only peeve, other than not a huge selection in my store, was the fit seemed to run a little large. I was swimming in XS. You be the judge...Not in your stores, shop it online!

Have you checked it out? 
What did you think?
 A Few Of My Faves in The Dressing Room, though they were all huge...
Love that back!
Love this back too!