This Week...

The highlight of ending this week out was getting to rifle through some of my old things and clothing at my parents and stumbling upon hitting the jackpot on some fabulous pieces that I forgot I'd even had. It's like Christmas all over again, new dresses, shirts and most importantly with bikini season among us, a new, er, old suit. 
And with bathing suit season comes a little bit of toning up, let's be real I've been slacking this past  year, baby schmaybe...So my snacks are consisting of this, and not baking. (Stay tuned for tomorrow's healthy veggie recipe!)
Also since deciding on one nail color proves to be one of my toughest battles as of late (well that and the whole - keeping a house clean with two extremely messy boys, someone up there is laughing really hard at me riiiiight now... touche), I decided why not do them all together!
It's hard to stay inside most of the day 'working' when the sky looks as amazing as this...
Obviously there's no better way to end the week than with some treats from Sincerely Sweet Boutique..
Don't forget to check back later today for "What's in Stores" feat. Target's Shops, I found some keepers! Xo Happy Weekend and Happy Anniversary to my fabulous Hubby.