Bold and Birthdays

September is a birthday savvy month in my family, there's the mother's, the husband's and of course, moi at the very end of the month. So when husband's (big-ish) birthday arrived earlier this week I had many things planned including a sushi dinner, I don't know who was more excited about that, him or me, since I haven't had sushi since months before I found out I was pregnant (sushi's a no-no future pregnant ladies, annoying, right?). It was lovely, short lived, but lovely and most importantly quiet. My only complaint is that I didn't get to my pictures early enough for the good ('golden') lighting, so this are what we're looking at. I will say I love this dress and can't wait to play with it for fall and winter, and it was fun to bring out some oldie but goodie shoes from my closet, helllllllooooo Mr. Weitzman.
Dress ASOS, Shoes Stuart Weitzman (2006 - Ugh, Full Price), Clutch Vintage, Lips Ulta's Moroccan Red