Beauty Buys: Under $50

I've always been a clothes and shoes kind of girl, so makeup really hasn't been on my priority list, now, don't get me wrong I wear the 'stuff' regularly and rarely leave the house without some sort of makeup on my face... But since turning 'blogger' I've gotten a little more bold with some of my cosmetic choices and lip and nail color is no exception to that. Here are a handful of my favorite cosmetics for under $40, some department and specialty store quality and some just your typical drugstore picks.

What are you beauty essentials?
I've been using this for years, and have found it to be better quality (and brush) than even the most expensive.
This has been in my purse since it came out in 2006, it's literally quick, and easy for on the go and has great coverage. I prefer it to the 'real deal'.
I got this in a gift bag last December, and it's my favorite bronzer to date. 
I adore this scent, it has citrusy and vanilla tones making me smile every time I put it on. I keep the mini in my purse for a little pick me up.
Hypoallergenic and has been the 'easiest' on my sensitive eyes, again, I prefer this to the dozens of expensive mascaras I've used.
I'll be the first to admit, I have troublesome skin, and this has kept my breakouts at bay wayyyy better than Proactive, Clinique and those extremely high end products ever did. Once a day to wash the make-up off and bam! better skin...
Revlon Nail Polish in Vixen, $3.15
An oldie but goodie, but with good 'wear' and a low price tag it always makes its way back into my bag.
I.Love.This.Color and you guys have pictures to prove it, I literally wear it like it's a neutral and with EVERYTHING.