Free People Simone Swing Dress

It's swing dress season and I'm stocking up on all the swing-y dresses I can find. This one is throwing some serious Missoni vibes and I'm totally ok with it and the fact that it comes in about a half a dozen color choices. I had to get the green because this hair, but I'm also looking at the cobalt version because, also this hair. Free people for the forever win. 

Like I've said before there's no better way to start the week than with a fresh do and a new dress. Monday came this week and the first thing I did was make an appointment to tame my Merida bed-head curls at Amika. I popped out feeling like a whole new woman especially after throwing on this dress post-blowout. I might have to make this a weekly habit because it made me wayyy more productive this week..

Beauty Must-Have: Clarins Double Serum

This post is sponsored by Clarins. All opinions are my own.
Over the last few years I've REALLY gotten into creating skincare routines and Clarins serums aren't a new thing in my beauty cabinet. Point of fact, I've been on Team Clarins since 2014 when I first tried this serum. Since then I've been consistent with keeping a bottle in my fridge for when my skin starts to look a little tired and/or rough. Naturally, when Clarins asked me to try their new Double Serum ($84/1 oz), I was definitely on board, especially since it promises to be their most powerful age control concentrate serum ever. It revives radiance, visibly reduces wrinkles, pores, and fine lines; while hydrating and smoothing. When you're pushing 30 with 3 kids this sounds like a dream, especially with an infant in tow. 

Sure, I may be sleeping through the night these days, but that doesn't mean I'm not tired. Juggling three kids during the summer is grounds for some serious skin care interventions, so I got right to work using the serum every night. For me, I had to start slow because my temperamental skin likes to act out when I try something new. So far so good, and honestly after a couple of uses my skin already feels and looks different. Tip: don't forget application on your neck. It needs just as much TLC as your face, if not more. 

The new Double Serum is powered by 20+1 plant extracts including turmeric. Aside from the 'daily spa treatment' in the bottle I'm loving the dial on the application pump. You can customize the amount of serum being pumped out from the double chamber depending on the climate, your skin's needs, and the season. I've been using the tiny drop because it's summer and I have combination skin but the second the dry, cold air begins, I'm clicking over the dial to the power shot. A little bit goes a long way, so one pump is really all you need, thus extending the life of your bottle of gold, or at least that's what I call it. 

Use it with your usual beauty suspects or some of Clarins' suggestions here. Honestly guys, aside from SPF, if there's one splurge-worthy product you need in your beauty cabinet it's this.  You and your skin will thank me later. Xo. 

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POP! Light Up Shoes

This week has definitely been one of those weeks. I can easily say it has been a testimony to Murphy's Law: anything and everything has gone wrong in some form or another. So it's not really a surprise that this week didn't come with very many posts. However! A big however over here, the boys are taking over the blog today to share their POP Shoes and they're pretty excited about it. You saw mine here and now they're sharing theirs. 

Just in case you've never seen these bad*ss LED light up shoes, they're from POP Shoes. They come in kid, women and men's sizes (from 11 in kids to 14 in men's). They're easily recharged with a portable dual micro USB cord which is plugged into the tongue of the shoes. Each charge lasts for about 8 hours. The whole thing is pretty amazing. All the materials are super high-quality leather and neoprene. Each shoe lights up with either a fast flash, slow flash, or continuous setting. Honestly, these are a GODSEND for summer events + outdoor + nighttime + crowds. We did 4th of July fireworks with them and we had them turn on the lights to keep track of them while they ran around. Win and Win. Plus, they're obsessed with these shoes. I had to tell them to turn off the lights so they didn't wear out the battery. Both of them say they look super cool with them and that they are their new favorite shoes. #momwin. 

While they're definitely not the light-up shoes from when I was a kid (thank goodness) they definitely bring back some nostalgic vibes making it more fun to wear them with the boys (David is super jealous he didn't get a pair- my bad). Also, they're 50% off right now so I highly suggest you scoop them up before they're sold out. Becase real talk: you need them. Adult or child. Funnest.footwear.ever.

Aid got the neoprene Sherbrooke style that appears to look like sweater material but it's actually pretty durable- which they're going to need since they are so rough on shoes. Evan went with the leather pair and truth be told on his first wear he definitely tripped on the sidewalk and scuffed the leather a tiny bit. But I will say the leather is actually pretty high-quality because it was a nasty fall and kept it together well. 

On A: Shirt FabKids, Jeans Primark, c/o Shoes Sherbrooke in Wolfe Grey Pop Shoes (on sale)

On E: Shirt H&M, Pants Fabkids, c/o Shoes Fairmount Black Licorice Pop Shoes (on sale)

Best Baby Gear for Small Spaces

Let's talk baby gear for a second. Guys, there's a ton out there and I love ALL of it. Unfortunately, our tiny space doesn't allow for a ton of baby gear to pile up in our space (cue tiny violins). Which, all things considered, could be a blessing because with our first two we had a lot of stuff that they never really used. So this time around, we made sure that anything we brought in the house has a purpose and is used on the regular. Real talk: It's refreshing and I'm kind of excited that we get to avoid the clutter, for now. We're still in the baby stage, so obviously, as this wiggle worm starts to grow and roam, we might have to re-consider some of the minimalist small-space goals as we baby proof. Ack.

With that in mind, and the limited room in our 700 square foot apartment, I did a little testing and narrowed down some of my favorite tiny-dwelling-approved baby gear items that fit our space perfectly. Added bonus: they're Indiana approved. 

So, if you're putting together your registry and/or have a tiny apartment, I highly suggest these pieces.

When we first brought Indiana home, aside from his bassinet, we didn't really have a secure spot to set him down while we did... anything (work, dishes, dinner, etc). Basically dinner was had with him in hand, because he wanted to be included. But since most bouncers and swings tend to be space hogs, we didn't see many options. I happened along this Skip Hop Multi Level Baby Bouncer while searching for small space bouncers and it's been a Godsend since it arrived. First, off it adjusts to 3 height levels (up to 36" at the tippy top, not the base) so you can take it wherever you need it in your house- kitchen, living room, bedroom, wherever. It also folds flat (with a key) and slides right under our couch when it's not in use. I can easily say that this is one of the most used pieces of baby gear in our house. 

The second we laid Indy on this gym his eyes lit up. He is obsessed with the high-contrast prints, music, and blinking lights. He will sit on this for a good long while and watch each light go up and down the arches on the gym and just take in the prints. 

Pro Tip: Keep the plastic packaging it comes in for easy storage. The gym folds in half and fits in the plastic pouch perfectly and slips into closets without a problem. Takes up as much space as a winter coat maybe. 

The Boppy, $39.99
If there's one thing you need to add to your registry it's the Boppy. This thing is such a lifesaver, whether your setting your baby down next to you on the couch, providing extra support while nursing or for when older children hold the baby. It can even be used for tummy time. $40 well spent.

The limited space really makes you re-think necessities. With a big tall bed, it seemed that we could do without the changing table and pad. Plus, we had the pad and table for the first two, and I ended up changing their diapers on the floor or the bed the majority of the time anyway. This is amazing for small spaces. It has plenty of room for diapers, wipes or whatever and comes with a changing mat that folds right up and stores in the box. So good! 

(But! I just saw the black on sale for way under $100 at TJMAXX)
As a long time BabyBjorn fan we instantly fell in love with this carrier. I'm more partial to this particular model for the added hip support that you don't really get with the original carrier. This is our go-to for taking Indy out and he loves it. 

Storage: We either hang it on door/coat hooks or in one of our many baskets. 

One of my favorite things about this stroller is the bassinet. It us awesome for toting this little guy around the neighborhood. While you do have to remove the bassinet to fold down the stroller, I will say they both fold flat for easy storage under the couch or behind a door. Also it's super easy to maneuver on uneven city sidewalks so that's a pretty large perk. 

Stripes and Flowers: Why It Works

Because stripes go with EVERYTHING. Stripes and Florals? Yep. Stripes and Polka Dots. Yup. Stripes and Leopard. Yep. Stripes in my opinion are as neutral as a leopard print. And yes, leopard is a neutral. Contrary to what your mother told you, or at least me, stripes are universally flattering. Tip: Opt for thinner stripes.

If you could own one print, chances are you might choose stripes...

...or florals.

So, with all that being said. I'm wearing some stripes and florals today. You can thank this Who What Wear skirt for that, because I love it and not just because the size 4 fit like a glove. It's such a great print and cut that I couldn't resist scooping it and it's matching bomber up at Target last week. I had the striped crop top on hand but you can find a similar one here for $10.

Jacket Express (similar), Top Forever21, Skirt Target Who What Wear, Shoes BCBG(favorite pump ever), Bag Kohl's