Shrunken Little White Embroidered Dress

Mondays, we all dread them. Some more so than others. Which is one of the main reasons we made this summer all about the skipping of the Monday's, instead we just treated it like another day of the weekend. Which in all honesty is how it REALLY should be. 

But, not all can be perfect "Summer Mondays" sitting on the beach eating a hot dog or strolling through the zoo. Like, for instance that Monday when David decided laundry was in order and accidentally washed everything in HOT water, including this little white dress which definitely had a few more inches to spare pre-wash. Well, it doesn't come as a surprise that everything and anything that had even the slightest touch of cotton in it quickly became child's size. Yep, basically all of my summer dresses now have the ability to fit my 8 year old. Which if you're a new mom who hasn't quite jumped into her skinny jeans just yet, it blows. 

But, life, lemons, and lemonade.

 I figured I'd give this adorable dress one more go before sending it packing to my neighbor downstairs. It's so freaking cute, right? 

Dress Chicwish, Shoes Forever21, Bag TJMAXX