Rimmel Stay Matte Challenge

Last week Rimmel was kind enough to send over their Stay Matte Liquid Mousse foundation for me to take part in the Stay Matte Challenge along with a handful of other blogging gals. And since I've been a long time Rimmel fan I had no problem joining in and trying their newest foundation.  Now, the foundation itself is a lightweight mousse with mattifying properties, giving you a shine free look to last throughout the day. 

Surprisingly enough it gave me just that. 

Application was easy and the coverage was actually kind of amazing. I didn't need very much primer, it literally just glided right on. I found that little bit goes a long way so keep that in mind when squeezing it out, really a pea size is all you need (which means it's going to last you a while!). At the end of the day I was pretty satisfied with the results and will absolutely be adding it to my beauty round up, especially since it's extremely budget friendly - hello drugstore gem!
With that being said Rimmel is giving you the chance to take the Stay Matte Challenge by posting your  very own review post/video. You could win one of 10 makeup prize packs valued at $1,000 to create your very own endless London Looks.. Just tag #staymatteswitch in your post and submit the link here

Now, if you'd rather just take a selfie and share on Instagram/Twitter or Tumblr tagging @rimmellondonus with your  #staymatteswitch you could win one of five iPad air.

So grab a tube and take a picture showing how you're making the Stay Matte Switch Challenge!

Rimmel London.  Get the London Look.
Find out why girls across the country are making the stay matte switch at http://www.staymatteswitch.com. @RimmelLondonUS, #StayMatteSwitch

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Rimmel London via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Rimmel London.

Zucchini & Chickpea Burgers

During the summer we did a lot of grilling back in Florida, but I wasn't always in the mood for a (real) burger, so instead I’ve opted to make homemade black bean burgers, or even Spinach burgers. Now, if you’re a long time reader you’ll remember my dislike for Zucchini until I came up with these amazing bites, which I swear by and serve at all our ‘functions/parties’. So when I thought to go bigger I had no idea how good it was really going to be. These protein packed Zucchini and Chick Pea burgers hit it straight out of the park, the heavy consistency from the beans with the light touch from the zucchini is a spring must try. Also, it’s ridiculously simple and you’ll be amazed by the outcome.

Zucchini & Chickpea ‘Burgers’
(Makes 7-8 Patties)
1 Can Of Chick Peas/Garbanzo Beans
1 Large Zucchini, Shredded
1 Cup of Panko Bread Crumbs
1 Egg, Slightly Beaten
Salt, Pepper, and Garlic Powder To Taste
*Optional: 1/4 Cup Shredded Cheese
*Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil or Grapeseed Oil to Saute
In a medium sized bowl mash the chick peas until smooth. Add the zucchini, bread crumbs and egg. Mix until thoroughly coated.
Form 7-8 Patties and set aside. Heat oil to medium in a large frying pan.

Brown each side until crispy and let cool.
Enjoy alone or make your own add ons!

Get The Look: Leopard Slip On Sneakers

I don't know if you've quite caught on just yet, but Leopard slip ons are kind of a thing right now, and I can't say I hate it. Now, while I'll openly admit I'm not a sneakers kind of gal, you know this (though I'm warming up to the idea), these are kind of fabulous. Which is probably why they've been spotted on top bloggers and celebrities everywhere. Kicking things off with the Saint Laurent version which I'm sure is the one that set this trend right in to motion, all the way down to Steve Madden's calf hair clad pair. 

Wear them with cuffed boyfriend jeans (or shorts!) and a white blouse or get a little glam with a skater skirt pairing and a leather ball cap, either way you're wearing one of this season's must have shoe. 

I wonder if this mean wedge sneakers are out now?

Grab Them Here:



While I spend most of my time in feminine, bohemian styles I can never resist one of those days where I dress it down, way down and out of my typical comfort zone. So when I wanted to wear denim shorts  last week I figured tights were the only way to make it work in this weather, of course with added layers on top in the form of a tee, plaid button down and my favorite leather jacket. After looking in the mirror I realized I quite literally channeled Cara Delevingne, and I kind of loved it.
Shorts Express, Bag Debshops, Tee Everlane, Jacket Spiegel, Plaid, Tights & Boots Marshalls

What I Wore: Fashion 2.0 Awards

rent the runway megan zietz
Last week I had the honor of presenting at the 5th Annual Fashion 2.0 Awards, which was kind of an amazing experience if I do say so myself. Though having to follow Zac Posen was a toughie, but I digress... 

Anyhow, for the week prior I took to instagram with my options and finally the day of decided on this beauty (which had been my initial pick) from UK design house, Forever Unique. Can we just say how perfect it was for me, I mean really?!  I officially wish I had gotten more pictures, so much so that I almost didn't want to give it back.

So, the show stopping dress paired with this amazing Badgley Mischka clutch via Rent The Runway was the perfect match for my night out, even if I was late. Thanks boys!
tfdiaries fashion 2.0
megan zietz fashion 2.0 awards
Photo Credit: Ken Arcara

Catch the show Here..
(Find me at 23:30!)

Lulu's Style: Brights and Stripes

I think I've made it pretty clear that I'm just about ready for Spring, like 5 weeks ago ready. So to make up for lost time I've decided that adding a some brights and stripes to my wardrobe (with the help of Lulu's) is the best way to go. Am I right?

As you can see my faux leather stripes paired perfectly with this floral blouse and was easily topped off with my favorite moto jacket and pair of boots to keep things weather savvy, yet still in the theme of things. Of course, my favorite piece is this amazing yellow bag. I mean can you even? Hello sunshine. It's probably my favorite accessory right now, and it's under $45. 

Get The LookSkirt,  Bag , Jacket and Top
How are you keeping things Spring ready? Don't forget to check out Lulu's in the meantime.

Spring Break Beauty Essentials

Whether you've just booked your trip to the beach or you're spending the day dreaming about being on a tropical island sipping Pina Coladas, there's no greater time than now to start stocking up on your Spring Break beauty essentials. Beach or not.

 From vibrant tropical colors to easy beauty must haves, you're going to have everything you need to park it under that umbrella and forget about everything but that perfectly crafted cocktail.

And without breaking the bank...


Chocolate, Toffee, & Coconut Matzo

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Cooking Light and Real Simple, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #FreshandFab http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV
For me no Monday is complete without some sort of treat, I mean after all it's probably everyone's least favorite day of the week, right? I kind of feel like we need a little extra something to get us through the day, and not just coffee. So when I spotted this chocolate, toffee and coconut matzo recipe in this month's Real Simple I knew this was going to get me through the day, and week. It's that good. And if you celebrate Passover, this is the treat for you, and if you don't, you're going to wish you did.

Just saying. 

Plus it's ridiculously user friendly and perfect for when you need something quick, we're talking 20 mins max. Check it out below. 

And, since you're pretty much already running out to grab the ingredients, at Target, right? Pick up this month's (April) Real Simple & Cooking Light and get a free $5 Target gift card, when you buy both issues. Monday is looking better already, you're welcome. 
(adapted from Real Simple)

Here's what you need:

3 Sheets Unsalted Matzo
3/4 C Semisweet chocolate chips 
1/2 C Chopped Pecans, Toasted
1/2 C Unsweetened Coconut, Toasted
1/3 C Heath Bar Pieces or other chocolate toffee candy.
2 tsp. course or flaked salt. 

Heat Oven to 350˚, place matzo on baking sheet - break in half to fit, if needed. Bake until golden brown. 

Sprinkle on chocolate chips, and put back in the oven, about 30 seconds. 

Remove baking sheet and spread the chocolate over the matzo with a spatula until smooth. 

Top with coconut, heath bar pieces and chopped pecan. Sprinkle with salt. 

Refrigerate for 20 mins, or freeze for 5 mins (I'm not patient). 

Break into pieces and Voila! Eat'm until your heart is content. 

Winter Favorites

Since I've been completely rebelling against winter coats for the last couple of weeks, I've been leaning towards warmer separates like this wool peplum top. You know, the one I've worn countless times without shame this winter. So I figured since things are semi warming up, I might want to give this a spin one last time before retiring to my closet until next season. I think I'm going to miss it. 

What are you sad about retiring for the season?
 Short Boohoo, Bag Lulu's, Shoes Sole Society, Hat Target

Latte Love with IMUSA

I don't know what's come over me but when it comes to coffee these days I almost don't want anything to do with the just plain ol' milk and sugar ordeal. I think I've gotten so spoiled with my husband making lattes that I balk at the idea of just a regular cup of joe. It's almost sad. Sad for the lonely cup of coffee, great for me. So a few weeks back IMUSA sent over their 4 Cup Espresso & Cappuccino maker, which meant lattes for everyone! Or really, just David and I. 

Nonetheless we were able to say goodbye to hand steaming our milk, which of course made all the difference in the world. Although I have to be honest, I'm still not entirely skilled on using the steamer on the machine just yet, I only get a little froth. But I think it's just me, the other guy seems to be skilled at this task. Aside from that, the machine is easy to use and I actually prefer it to my Keurig, which we ditched once this came in. Another a sweet perk of this maker, aside from the cappuccinos on a whim, is that it's not expensive. It only puts you back $30, so if it breaks I won't have a breakdown, unless it's before my morning latte, then it's likely. But judging from previous reviews and how it's run so far, I think we'll have a good run. 
What do you think, are you a latte lover? Do you have Cappuccino maker at home?

Make your own Latte...

1/2 Cup Milk
1/3 Cup Espresso 

Brew espresso or coffee.

Steam/Froth Milk, either with Milk Frother or Whisk. 

Slowly add in espresso and voila! Latte.

Also Try These Great Latte Recipes: 

disclosure: IMUSA was kind enough to send over this espresso maker for review, as always all opinions are 100% my own. 

Look For Less: Lanvin Eagle Necklace

It's no secret that accessories can make or break and outfit, but when it comes to necklaces I have somewhat of a weakness. So when I spotted this show stopper last week I knew it would be the perfect addition to those weekend jeans and a tee outfits top with a blazer or moto jacket. Of course the pairings wouldn't stop there, but I'm thinking this Lanvin inspired eagle necklace is a steal at a fraction of the price. And by fraction we're talking under $50. 

What do you think? I'm kind of partial to the steal...

Eagle Statement Necklace, $47.75 ShopChameleon

Lanvin Eagle Necklace, $1995.00 Net-A-Porter

Pretty Little Things

 Precious daffodils to add a little sunshine.

 These brownies with just a kick of ginger and cayenne were the perfect midday pick me up throughout the week..
My dress from last night's Fashion 2.0 Awards was everything to me and I can't wait to share more...

Red Coat

 I don't know if I'm attempting to transition out of winter but red has been on mind (and apparently body) these last several weeks, it seems as if I trading my bordeaux's for bolds. 

Either way, I don't hate it and I'm perfectly fine with protesting use of my winter coats (I.WANT.TO.BURN.THEM - not really) for a heavier blazer like this fabulous wool vintage find on these (more of the same) cold days. 

After all, "when in doubt wear red". 
jacket vintage, hat target, boots diba, pants old navy, bag lulu's, scarf nordstrom rack

Leather and Florals

 While I'm more than ready to wear florals for the next several months I still have no problem toughening them up with a faux moto jacket and a pair of boots. Just a few pieces and just the right about of femine + edge. 
 Jacket R&R for Kohl's, Boots Sole Society, Playsuit Topshop