Chocolate, Toffee, & Coconut Matzo

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For me no Monday is complete without some sort of treat, I mean after all it's probably everyone's least favorite day of the week, right? I kind of feel like we need a little extra something to get us through the day, and not just coffee. So when I spotted this chocolate, toffee and coconut matzo recipe in this month's Real Simple I knew this was going to get me through the day, and week. It's that good. And if you celebrate Passover, this is the treat for you, and if you don't, you're going to wish you did.

Just saying. 

Plus it's ridiculously user friendly and perfect for when you need something quick, we're talking 20 mins max. Check it out below. 

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(adapted from Real Simple)

Here's what you need:

3 Sheets Unsalted Matzo
3/4 C Semisweet chocolate chips 
1/2 C Chopped Pecans, Toasted
1/2 C Unsweetened Coconut, Toasted
1/3 C Heath Bar Pieces or other chocolate toffee candy.
2 tsp. course or flaked salt. 

Heat Oven to 350˚, place matzo on baking sheet - break in half to fit, if needed. Bake until golden brown. 

Sprinkle on chocolate chips, and put back in the oven, about 30 seconds. 

Remove baking sheet and spread the chocolate over the matzo with a spatula until smooth. 

Top with coconut, heath bar pieces and chopped pecan. Sprinkle with salt. 

Refrigerate for 20 mins, or freeze for 5 mins (I'm not patient). 

Break into pieces and Voila! Eat'm until your heart is content.