What's In Stores - Target Fall 2012

07 November 2012

If you're anything like me you're still sorting out what you "need" for this season's wardrobe, whether it's outerwear, layering essentials or leather(ette) pair of pants you've been lusting after for what seems like forever, it's on your list. So when I stopped in to my local target to pick up a few winter essentials for the boy's upcoming trip I had to take advantage and check out what they had to offer on my side...

I was pleasantly surprised with cropped blazers, maxis, sweaters galore and of course, I finally found of leather(ette) pants (under $25) that fit like a glove (how is that even possible 5 pairs of pants later!). I also spotted trends heavy items like mirrored imaged shifts, cap toe pumps in an array or colors and a heaping handful of chic booties.