This Week...

The rain and wind finally ended, and I was able to see the sun again and coincidentally I immediately got better. Whew, I thought that cold was going to last forever. I loved walking out my front door and seeing burst of pink everywhere with the new blooms on the tree (even better when the little tiny flowers drop everywhere, it's like a pink wonderland - not so great for vases - lesson learned). sent over one of their boxes for review and I have to say I'm impressed. Most everything was either paraben free or eco friendly - well done for $12. It's definitely worth looking into ladies if you're looking for  5 full sized sample of 'natural' beauty products.
 My favorites were the Everyday Minerals Glow and The Natural Touch Eyeshadow - So Pretty on!
 My Blogger Pal, Tanvi sent over these lovely earrings from her new shop Crazy and Co, gorgeous right? She knew I needed to switch up my accessories - done.
 I can't believe I forgot about my popsicle maker, now I can start whipping up these again...
 This note from TellStyle made my day, and I don't care if she's said before ;).

5 Ways To Wear - Florals

Florals always seem to be in style, whether they take on deep hues for fall or cheery ditsy prints for the spring months they always circulate themselves into what's hot. Like polka dots they're a classic and can be worn for just about all occasions, getting dressed up and dressed down.

Here's my favorite ways to wear them...

1. Bohemian
2. With a Neutral 
3. Layered Over Separates
4. With Other Prints
5. With Like Colors
How do you wear Florals?

DIY Scalloped Denim Shorts

Lately I've had to fight off the tendency to reach for my trusty cut off shorts, and while I love the comfort and feel of them I just keep having to put them back because they feel 'worn' to me and I've grown slightly bored. So since I have drawers full of neglected jeans I thought what better way to give a pair of cut off's a little bit of oomph than to add some scalloping ( I saw a pin on pinterest a ways back, but since my computer was out of reach I had to do something different and probably easier). Best part of this DIY it took me under 10 minutes. Win. 

You'll Need - 
Scotch Tape Canister

Cut off the jeans, an inch or so longer than you'd like them. 
 Next grab your marker and tape canister and trace the rounded edges making scalloping. 
Like so -
 ...And Wear.
I paired mine with my oversized gauze blouse and the amazingly bright Adriana from Wild Pair. Oh my gosh are they bright, after I got them I was like how on earth do I style these but after much contemplation and a little help I realized letting them steal the show would be best. I love a good style challenge, especially in the shoe department, you know this. Ps. Wild Pair Shoes (at Bakers) = So Comfy...

Not to mention how fabulous are they paired with the neon lights necklace from the lovely Kimberly (and Ann Taylor) it made for one eye catching casual ensemble!
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What's In Stores + Win $25 To Ross

Yesterday while out running errands I stopped in to my local Ross 'Dress for Less' store to check out their dress selection for the upcoming holiday week. And while their selection was a plenty I noticed a few key trends, lace, caftans, coral and my personal favorite, prints. I also spied that 90% off their dresses were well under $20, with the exception of a few. And though I left without a dress (not very many in my size, sometimes being small has it's crappy days), I didn't leave empty handed and I can't wait to show you in the future. Until then check out what Ross has to offer and don't forget to enter below to win $25 for you to spend at Ross! Xo.

What would you pick?
Have this in cream, you may remember it here and here
I really wanted this beauty, but size 10 wasn't going to cut it. How gorgeous is that print though!?
And now, The Giveaway!
(Choose One, Or Choose'm All)


So obviously most of  you have already heard of this storm over here in my neck of the woods, all of this rain and wind would make some one crazy, especially someone who is attempting to relieve herself of a cold that just keeps hanging on. So these last couple of days at the sight of anything sunny I've muscled the will to throw some clothes on to take some pictures, and wouldn't you know every time I got outside snapped a picture or two, downpour. No joke, I think I must've fallen for that trick maybe a few times too many before I realized this storm was determined to make this not work. 

So of course yesterday I get up get dressed (in this amazing dress from Oasap, now sold out, but they have others..) and make my way out and am going about my business, and bam, sun. Of course, me not remembering those last couple days  I mosey on my way finishing my errands, get home tell my husband of this 'light' and we start to walk out the door, rain. again. I'm telling you this storm has something against me, so I put the kids back and unload the groceries and what, sun, again? I was determined to beat this storm who clearly has a bipolar issue with all this rain, sun, rain crap and got in the car went by the water and got my sun. End result, with extra wind. 

 dress and ring (YSL Arty Ispo) OASAP, bag steve madden via marshall's, shoes shoemint, necklaces carol duplaise and honey rose and k, scarf vintage.

PLNDR's Summer's Must Haves Sale

I am loving PLNDR's Summer Must Haves Sale inspired by the editor's of Refinery29, from now until July 1st snag your favorite summer must haves from this fabulous neon satchel to hi low skirts and of course, colored denim. Don't forget to add a couple graphic tees to your growing collection...

Ps- Free Shipping (on order $50+) and $15 Credit with promo code "PLSHIP15"

Faux Wrapped

I don't know about you but I am loving hi low hemlines for summer, especially in midi form, it gives the idea of a maxi but with the a little bit more room to breathe to beat the summer heat. So of course when I saw this beauty from up and coming company Peace & Pearls there was no way I could turn it down. Faux tulip wrap with a hi low, Yes please. How perfect is this for all things summer, I'm thinking BBQ's to Summer Weddings. And for under $100, win. 

How would you wear it?
 jacket old navy, shoes shoemint, belt vintage, dress c/o peace and pearls, bag steve madden via marshall's, sunnies ray ban

The Jumpsuit

I've been lusting after jumpsuits for awhile now, I love the 'maxi' idea with flared pants and a bold print, so of course when I stumbled upon this jumpsuit at Target on sale for well under $10, I couldn't resist the urge to take it home.  I think I found the perfect summer alternate to my trusty maxi dresses...

Would you jumpsuit?
jumpsuit target, wedges target, bag and belt h&m, bracelets anika burke and shopbelina, necklace honey rose and k and carol duplaise