DIY Scalloped Denim Shorts

Lately I've had to fight off the tendency to reach for my trusty cut off shorts, and while I love the comfort and feel of them I just keep having to put them back because they feel 'worn' to me and I've grown slightly bored. So since I have drawers full of neglected jeans I thought what better way to give a pair of cut off's a little bit of oomph than to add some scalloping ( I saw a pin on pinterest a ways back, but since my computer was out of reach I had to do something different and probably easier). Best part of this DIY it took me under 10 minutes. Win. 

You'll Need - 
Scotch Tape Canister

Cut off the jeans, an inch or so longer than you'd like them. 
 Next grab your marker and tape canister and trace the rounded edges making scalloping. 
Like so -
 ...And Wear.
I paired mine with my oversized gauze blouse and the amazingly bright Adriana from Wild Pair. Oh my gosh are they bright, after I got them I was like how on earth do I style these but after much contemplation and a little help I realized letting them steal the show would be best. I love a good style challenge, especially in the shoe department, you know this. Ps. Wild Pair Shoes (at Bakers) = So Comfy...

Not to mention how fabulous are they paired with the neon lights necklace from the lovely Kimberly (and Ann Taylor) it made for one eye catching casual ensemble!
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