Spot The Steal - Jimmy Choo 'Glenys'

09 April 2010

Steve Madden has done it again! The King of legit knock offs has made his very own ( more budget friendly) Jimmy Choo 'Glenys' for Spring 2010. The Jimmy Choo shoe origanally goes for $995, no joke. You could buy almost 10 of Steve's pair ( that also come in black like the Glenys ) or pay your mortgage for that price.

What do you Gals ( and Guys) think, are they close?

Are you a Steve Madden Fan?

Jimmy Choo 'Glenys' - Saks 5th Avenue $995
'Nanciee' - Steve Madden $89.95

Another Treat for you Lover's of Steve Madden...

Xo, Megan


Anonymous said...

Great post. But aren't those Jimmy Choos, not Pradas?

Megan of The Frugalista Diaries said...

You are absolutely right! That's what you get when you're looking at Prada shoes while doing a Jimmy Choo post!