Seeing Black and White Stripes

When I think of stripes I picture Carrie Bradshaw arriving in Paris wearing a tres chic Striped Top and Skirt,
or Audrey Hepburn in skinny black pants, with ballet flats and raybans. This Season, I've been seeing
stripes in all different colors, shapes and sizes. From nautical inspired frocks and form fitting shirt dresses
to cardigans and flowy maxi dresses. I love a classic black and white stripe but some like a bold color to make a statement.

I know they say horizontal stripes aren't very flattering unless you're a stick thin model, I however disagree. I feel it is all within proportions. You don't want a 'large' stripe in your 'widest' feature because it's going to emphasize it. You do want thin and medium stripes, the smaller the stripe the more flattering, also be sure have the darker 'stripe' on the area you don't want to emphasize.

Here are some Striped Themes from a recent shopping trip to H&M.

Jacket $34.99
Cardigan $17.95

Maxi Dress $12.95

Zipper Front Dress $19.95

Shirt Dress $17.95

Are you Loving Stripes for Spring?