Give Your Old Ikea Rast Dresser A Brand New Life With Paint And New Hardware

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You saw our green door on the opposite side of the bedroom, but what really needed some TLC was the corner next to back door to the yard. Oof! That space has been a hot mess since we moved in last year and it really needed some help. 

We've had a bookshelf, baskets, and other random furniture pieces in that corner but nothing really stuck and wasn't terribly functional. Also I hated it. After going back and forth about buying MORE furniture I decided to give up-cycling one more try with the IKEA Rast dressers collecting dust in the closet. The boys outgrew them almost immediately 7 years ago but because they are solid wood and in pretty great shape that it seemed like a mistake to get rid of them. Turns out, I was right and they're magnificent with a couple coats of paint and new hardware. 

Naturally because they used to belong to toddler boys they collected some crayon marks, dings and one of the knobs was falling off but hey it was just cosmetic. I ditched the knobs and after a smidge of sanding I gave it a nice healthy coat of primer before two coats of paint. It was a fairly quick and easy project lasting a mere couple of hours start to finish. I scooped up some new pulls from amazon for under $10 and let the paint cure for about a week before letting anything touch the surfaces. 

and VOILA! A brand new dresser...

Isn't she lovely. 

Now she houses our hammock during inclement weather, tiny shoes so they don't stack up next to the door and random gardening and outdoor supplies. It's the perfect petite size for the space and holds everything I need it to with a smidge of room to grow..

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