The Style staple that you should absolutely be packing for all of your trips this season

My suitcase is chalked full of style staples but I have to admit my most favorite is this navy floral jumpsuit that I scored last summer at H&M. I almost always wear it on the plane to and from my destination because it's insanely comfortable and can be worn for HOURS on end. Sure, it's a jumpsuit so you have to pull it all the way down when it comes to using the facilities but it's a small price to pay for STYLE AND COMFORT. 

So, yes, you definitely need to get yourself a comfy jumpsuit for all of your summer travel. I found a handful of similar styles that I think are the perfect pieces for your suitcase! 

Here's some tips for finding the perfect match! Elastic waistbands are clutch when it comes to comfort. I also love a wide legs silhouette and a slightly more relaxed fit. If you're going to be wearing it awhile, you definitely need it to have some give. And finally, pick a fabric that breathes and is comfortable for hours on end like cottons, lines and rayon. 

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