How To Throw An Easy Last Minute Brunch Birthday Party with The Cutest Mini Breakfast Bites

 A few weeks back we decided to throw a last minute surprise party to celebrate Evan's 8th birthday. Honestly, I just threw it together with a little help from Coterie Party and Whole Foods on Prime Now.(honestly it's my new best friend to have groceries delivered within a two-hour window, for free).

Instead of just ordering the kids pizza, which probably would have been the easiest thing ever I decided to lead with a mini bites brunch theme. Fact: mini bites create less mess which was amazing when it came to cleaning up after 10 kids left the house after the party ended. 

Grab yourself some mini pancakes, mini muffins and some Bantam Bagels (bagel bites stuffed with cream cheese). Chicken and waffle bites with mini waffles and popcorn chicken were as huge hit. I ate way more than I care to admit, but at least I also stuffed my face with some kale caesar salad and layered fruit salad. I also added a quiche, mini pizza bites, potato wedges and bacon to the spread to keep the options open. Drinks are where I kept it simple with a tropical juice to go with the bright party decor theme and added champagne to the parent's glasses because if you're going to have a party at noon on a Saturday you better be packing the booze...

Am I right or am I right? 

For decorations, Coterie came through with some awesome supplies! We mixed the Flying Colors Birthday Set with the Fruit Punch Balloon Bunch - there was a lot of color and of course I loved it.