The Top Ten Places To Eat in The Florida Keys

Now that we're officially back from the Keys all I can think about is all the food we ate during our 8 day trek. I honestly don't think I've ever been so overwhelmed with such delicious options in my life. Somehow I was able to narrow it down to 10 spots from Key Largo all the way to Key West that I can highly recommend you stop by and have yourself a nibble (or feast!).

Our trip began mid August which was right around the start of lobster season, so obviously you have to order that at least once (every meal). Everybody knows about lobster, but I also highly suggest Hogfish for it's scallop-y flavor and thick meaty flesh as well as the delicate Yellowtail Snapper for the buttery mild flavor. In October, dive into one of my personal favorites: Stone Crabs.

You might also remember from my stories that I was on a mission to try all of the Key Lime Pies we could during our trip? It was tough. But I muscled through it and managed to narrow it down to three places. See the winners at the bottom of the post, of course where dessert should be, after you read about my favorite places to eat in the Florida Keys and what to order when you get there...

Sundowners - Key Largo, Florida
Located in the heart of Key Largo, this waterfront restaurant has a gorgeous end of day view that lives right up to it's name and then some. I highly suggest you plan your meal around sunset to catch a peel of the sun going down while you eat. So bring your shades! Aside from the views, they also served up the best conch fritters I've ever had, with a delicious homemade cocktail sauce and curry mustard. We dove into a huge plate of their specialty, the Key Lime Seafood with Blue Crab, Lobstertail and Shrimp. It was hard to save room for their massive Key Lime Pie with Meringue..
What to Order: The Conch Fritters & Key Lime Seafood

Mrs. Macs Kitchen - Key Largo, Florida
If you're looking to go super casual for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner in an authentic setting, Mrs. Mac's Kitchen is for you. The tables and walls are dressed to the nines with license plates and Florida Keys memorabilia. It's a quirky setting and the food is great- including their award winning conch chowder. Definitely stop in, It's a must-see and eat in Key Largo. 
What to Order: The Fresh Fish Trio, The Famous Homemade Chili & "Konk" Chowder

The Hungry Tarpon - Islamorada, Florida
Make an afternoon of it. Stop by Robbie's Pier to feed the tarpon (they will literally jump out of the water and grab food out of your hand), shop local artist or schedule one of the many activities they have to offer (parasailing, sunset cruises and snorkeling) before working up an appetite for the waterfront restaurant, The Hungry Tarpon. Sit waterfront and enjoy the breeze with a fruity drink in hand. Order their famous Ahi Tuna Tacos or the Mango Key Lime Pie. 
What to Order: Ahi Tuna Tacos & Florida Keys Hogfish Sandwich. Also: order the sweet potato waffle fries and Mango Key Lime Pie! 

Marker88 - Islamorada, Florida
For our last meal in the Upper Keys we were seated front and center for the sunset at Marker88. Definitely the money-shot of the entire grounds, where we ended up playing photographer for a few groups of friends who had to get "the shot" together. In their defense, it was an amazing sunset that night and had to be captured. Our table also came with a huge resident iguana who waited patiently for snacks that never came. I have to say this was probably the most romantic setting and meal of our trip. The food was incredible, the view was beautiful, the breeze was perfect - it was definitely the whole package. We ordered a handful of menu items and naturally none disappointed. Favorites were easily the crab cake, cracked conch and the alligator reef salad. Because they share owners with the Sundowners, Chef Bobby Stoky, they also have the delicious meringue key lime pie - so you're going to have to order that as well. Remember, ask for a little extra key lime drizzle if you like a little more tart flavor.
The View: 
The Food: 
What to Order: Alligator Reef Salad, Crab Cakes, Cracked Conch & Pistachio Crusted Yellowtail

The Stoned Crab - Key West, Florida
If you find yourself in Key West with a hankering for a meal that wows, stop by the Stoned Crab. Start off your experience by feeding the resident nurse shark family at the dock or by saying hi to the friendly macaws and tortoises that all live right out front. Then settle into your seats with one of their eco-friendly drinks from the bar and tackle the menu. We ordered the seafood tower after our (awesome) waiter's recommendation and we could not have been more happy with our selection. Be warned, it says it serves two but easily could feed a family of four. After you finish your meal, you can try your hand at night paddling and/or kayaking right out front. Like I said, a meal that wows and is ready to post on the gram'.
What to Order: Seafood Tower & Key Lime Pie

Hogfish Grille - Key West, Florida
My dad would not stop talking about this famous spot on the way to Key West. He insisted it was the must-stop-spot in Key West, so we did. He wasn't wrong. It lives up to it's name and has one of the most delicious hogfish sandwiches in the Keys.  
What to Order: The Hogfish Sandwich (obviously)

Kermit's Kitchen Cafe - Key West, Florida
We walked past his this cafe a few times going to and from our hotel but finally stopped in when we were too tired to go anywhere else. Honestly, the super casual vibe was exactly what we needed and the food was actually really good. You walk up to the window, order and they bring it out. It's probably one of the most reasonably priced spots on the island. 
What to Order: The Key West Shrimp Po'Boy

Pepe's Cafe - Key West, Florida
Don't let the hole in the wall vibe scare you away, this place is legit. I highly recommend you stop in especially if you're in the Historic Seaport District. We popped in for lunch and were pleasantly surprised by the options from both land and sea (our middle isn't a seafood fanatic like the rest of the family and was pretty excited with his grilled cheese and overflowing fruit cup). Instantly fell in love with the Blackened Yellowtail Salad with fresh strawberries and balsamic glaze. Swoon. 
What to Order: Yellowtail Snapper Salad (Blackened) & Portobello Mushroom Sandwich

Cero Bodega at The Marker Resort - Key West, Florida
I'm not usually one for hotel food but Cero Bodega won me over with their Cuban Nachos. They are delicious and will have you going back for more (I definitely ordered them 3x during our stay). If you like Cuban Sandwiches and Nachos - try this ASAP. Bonus perk: you get to eat them poolside in your own little cabana. Definitely doesn't hurt your day. They also have their version of homemade pizza which the kids loved and I thought it was pretty good. If you're looking for something light & healthy go for the watermelon salad. It's delish.
What to Order: Cuban Nachos & Watermelon Salad
Key Largo Chocolates & Ice Cream - Key Largo, Florida
Give me a colorful wall and I'm sure to give you a shot. After the sign's promise of delicious fudge, key lime pie and ice cream there was no stopping me. We all agreed the ice cream & fudge was great. I definitely favored the Chocolate Dipped Frozen Key Lime Pie on a Stick. It's a great spot to take a break from the heat and cool down with something sweet. 
What to Order: Frozen Key Lime Pie on A Stick & They Have Excellent Ice Cream. 

Coffee Plantation - Key West, Florida
Need caffeine and not feeling Starbucks? Stop in to this adorable little spot in the Historic District for your caffeine fix. We had a lazy morning and popped in for pastries and coffee before heading out on one of our adventures and were pleasantly surprised by the snacks & beverage options. Everything was fresh and the barista was super friendly. Take your goodies outside to the porch where you can people watch...
What to Order: Fresh Pastries, Quiche Of The Day & Tropical Macchiato

Top Three Places To Order The Key Lime Pie and Actually Love It. 
I'll admit I'm super particular about my Key Lime pie and usually prefer it to be more on the tart than sweet side but I actually enjoyed one of the sweeter options which had me questioning my Key Lime Pie palette.

If You Like Your Pie Tart: The Original Key Lime Pie Bakery
We devoured an entire pie and had to resist going back for more. I have to say, if you love tart custard-y key lime pies this is the place for you. A whole pie will set you back $22. WORTH IT

If You Like Your Pie Sweet: Sundowners / Marker88
Served with a heaping serving of meringue and key lime drizzle this pie's custardy-sweet filling does not disappoint. Like it a little more tart? Ask for extra Key Lime Drizzle, it totally takes the cake!

If You Like Your Pie The Best Of Both: The Stoned Crab 
This Key Lime Pie was both sweet and tart. One slice just wasn't enough. I would have ordered more if it weren't for the entire seafood tower I ate beforehand. The struggle is real.

I was a guest of The Florida Keys Tourism Board. All opinions are my own.