Six Ways To Dress Like You’re Going To Fashion Week

I received compensation from Dr. Scholl’s® to write this post. All opinions are entirely my own.

Fashion week is one of my favorite times of year. It's chock full of fresh ideas, innovation and style.  There's something about looking 6-months into the future with the inspiration to take on a new season. I'll admit, I love watching everything come down the runway, but I can't help but favor the street style that comes with the seven days of shows, parties and events. Seeing everyone with their own personal take and style on trends and must-have pieces always catches my eye.

This year as I gear up for fashion week, I've partnered with Dr. Scholl's to share my favorite ways to dress like you're heading to the shows; all with a little help from one of my personal essentials: Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step Insoles. You might remember last year's post on How To Survive Fashion Week. This year I wanted to broaden things a bit and talk about the best ways to step up your style game, whether you're hopping on a flight to NYC to catch the spectacle or walking your own personal concrete runway at home.

For me, the spirit of Fashion Week is all about channeling your own future expression and taking risks you wouldn't normally try for your day-to-day fashion. You have the opportunity to shine and get creative with your craziest outfit ideas, no second-guessing. Trust me, I've seen some wild looks. As long as you're covered, you should be good to go.

Six Ways To Dress Like You’re Going To Fashion Week

1. Keep Your Feet Happy
As I've said several times before, one of my biggest tips for fashion week is make sure your feet are kept comfortable. I know this may sound dramatic, but the comfort level of your feet can make or break your day and even week. You're spending hours a day on your feet and you want them to be comfortable. I live for Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step Insoles year-round but find them especially useful during that first week of September when I'm sprinting from neighborhood to neighborhood for shows and events - in heels. I swear by the . They work great and have a soft arch and providing superior comfort and support. You can shop these insoles and the entire Stylish StepTM Insoles line for flats and heels at one of our personal favorite places to shop, Target - in the foot care aisle near the pharmacy. Click here for the Cartwheel offer! starting 9/9, you can also head to Target forBOGO 25% off. #DrScholls

Tip: Avoid breaking in new heels during fashion week. The last thing you need is discomfort on day one.

2. Play With Colors, Prints & Textures
Don't be afraid of color and textures. This is the time to bring them out. Start small with a navy or army green and build your way up to bold prints & textures. Don't be afraid to mix prints and color block. Think: big scale prints with small scale prints like florals and polka dots or stripes and polka dots.  

3. Don't Be Afraid To Layer
Layering, if done right, can instantly make an outfit look interesting. Whether it's throwing a midi dress over jeans or layering a classic white tee under a gown. It's a fun and creative way of creating new outfits without having to buy something new.

4. Accessorize
Interesting accessories are what MAKE a fashion week look. Think bold sunglasses, statement bags and fun shoes! I'm currently having a moment with bold earrings so you better believe I'll be wearing interesting pieces throughout the week.

5. Hair and Makeup
I'm completely fascinated by the makeup looks and hairstyles spotted throughout the week, whether it's from the runway or the streets. There's always something interesting that makes me go, oooh ahh! Go ahead, try that purple lip color, braids and/or extreme curls. It's fashion, it should be fun!

6. If All Else Fails, Wear Black.
Or Black and White. Just because it's black doesn't mean it isn't interesting. Black is ever classic and comes in amazing different styles and silhouettes. It's the perfect not-ready-to-risk-it way to go and still goes with the overall fashion week vibe. It is New York City after all.

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