5 Tips For Surviving Fashion Week

I received compensation from Dr. Scholl’s® to write this post. All opinions are entirely my own.
It's that time of year again! Yep, you guessed it... it's Fashion Week. Today officially kicks off the 7 days where I'll be trapesing around the city with my besties, catching a glimpse of what spring 2018 has to offer and making new friends in the process. I'm sure most of you will be following along on my insta-stories, and if you're in town for the festivities, I'd love to see you!  

Since Fashion Week talk isn't such a new thing here on TFD, I figured this year I'd offer some insight and help for those who are attending- whether it's your 1st, 5th, or 15th season. For me these fashion week hacks have made making it through fashion week a breeze. And I don't think it's crazy to say that we could all use a little help making it through the week in one piece. The Fashion Week dropout struggle is real...

Heading to NYFW this year? Here are 5 tips to surviving Fashion Week.

1. Protect your feet!
Listen up guys, this one is important. Because once your feet hurt and/or start to sprout blisters, without a remedy, you're done for the week. One of my biggest tricks, or should I say secret weapons, for keeping my feet from feeling like they're falling off, is Dr. Scholl's® insoles. They are a life saver, whether you're wearing flats, heels and/or boots. I'm partial to the Dr. Scholl's Stylish Step™ High Heel Relief Insoles and Stylish Step™ Ball of Foot Cushions for High Heels. They are a dream on my feet, be it hour one, or twelve. I use them on even my most comfortable heels, because even your best pair starts to wear on you after a few hours of running after cabs, waiting in line, and trying to maneuver across cobblestone roads. Trust me on this one; you're going to want these for every pair of shoes in your suitcase and maybe a package in your purse, just in case. They're super easy to insert in your shoes, and they provide cushioning to absorb shock for all day wear. The Dr. Scholl's Stylish Step™ Ball Of Foot Cushions for High Heels are also great for preventing the dreaded toe scrunch when your feet slide forward, and are super discreet making them perfect for strappy sandals. I just slipped the Dr. Scholl's Stylish Step™ High Heel Relief Insoles into my trusty black pumps to kick off my first day in style. Best place to grab a pair? Target! You're going to be there anyways because, Target, so you might as well pick up something you need. Right now, you can also get a 10% off Cartwheel offer when you purchase Stylish Steps™ at Target! Find out more here. This WhoWhatWear bomber jacket is a direct result of my impulse shopping at Target.

2. Stay Hydrated and Bring Snacks
Sure, champagne is flowing like it's going out of style during the week, but in many cases it doesn't come with food or water attached to it. So, make sure you're eating regular meals and bring some on-the-go snacks. Also, contrary to how people are dressing, it is still September, which means it's summer. It is hot! It's even hotter sitting and waiting for a show to start, in a room crammed to the gills with people. You.need.to.drink.water. Make sure you're hydrating on the regular. All of the show venues have plenty of free bottled waters from sponsors, so do yourself a favor and stock up. I've seen ladies go down from dehydration and overheating, so be smart and hydrate.

3. Stay Charged
Your phone is going to drain fast! Between live-streaming, taking selfies, and snapping pictures of what's on the runway and even who's on the front row, you're going to be down to 50% easy by the time noon rolls around on the first day. So, bring along a portable charger to keep you connected to the world.

4. Don't fret it
No matter how well you plan, chances are you're going to be late! Trust me on this one, you can't always account for traffic and/or the train schedule. Don't fret it! Fashion week should be fun. If you miss a show you miss it. I promise you'll survive. Only 200 other people are live-streaming it from insta-stories, Facebook, and websites so you can probably get a better view of the runway from there anyhow without the fuss of squeezing in a room. Most shows run 25-30 behind schedule so chances are you might not be too late anyhow...

5. Dress for The Elements
Ok, yes you want to show off your amazing fall pieces, but like I said before: it's still summer! Yes, I'll probably be wearing a Moto jacket at some point in the week, and I'm wearing a bomber here, but don't overdo it with too many fall pieces. Don't go full jacket, boots and pants all the time- it's too hot and you don't want to end up as fashion roadkill when you overheat.

Fashion Week Veterans, what are your tips for surviving Fashion Week?

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