5 Mom Boss Baby Essential Brands

After baby is born chances are you're going to be doing A LOT of shopping in the coming months (and years). Whether you're heading out for diapers, new clothes or baby gear that you're just realizing you're missing. In our house, it's never ending between three boys. Thankfully hand me downs are an option for the first two but given the 6 year gap between the youngest and the middle we had to start completely from scratch and truth be told I had completely forgotten what I needed aside from somewhere for him to sleep and his 'transportation'. So, I went on the hunt for baby essentials and found a handful of brands run by awesome mom bosses that were amazing. Even if you're not having a baby these are great gift options for baby showers! Not only are they super stylish they're actually super budget friendly as well...

Check them out! 

These stylish onesies are a awesome! We brought Indy home in his and I love the peek-a-boo hand and foot option which is necessary when it comes to new borns easily getting cold or scratching their razor like nails on their face. Just fold over and voila! covered. The double zipper makes diaper changing a breeze. They have a ton of prints and sizes range from NB - 24 months.  Indy is wearing Ocean Waves in NB.

A stylish diaper bag is key. For me, I really wanted a bag that held all of my baby changing essentials but didn't look like a typical diaper bag. While there are a lot of options these days not very many met my needs until I found Mina Kay. I LOVE this bag. It's high-quality vegan leather, has tons of room, transitions from satchel (with a shoulder strap) to backpack with the simple change of the strap. I can't even tell you how game changing the backpack option is. Also, it clips right onto my stroller. I love the pink hue and am likely going back for the black as well. They have a handful of different styles and colors, check them out! I have the Downtown Satchel in Burgundy

An on-the-go changing mat is also key. This NursElet® Vegan Faux Leather mat is stylish, practical and compact. It folds right up into your diaper bag or even clutch for 'light days' and is easily wiped down for cleaning. It looks super luxe, making it the most stylish changing mat wherever you go.  Don't need a mat? They also have clutches, hats, nursing scarves and the NursElet® hands-free nursing bracelet. I have the Gold NursElet® Mat, $20

Fact: You can never have too many swaddle blankets. We use them for just about everything from swaddling, a floor barrier for baby, and even receiving. But, these swaddle blankets from Oh, Susannah® are almost too cute to use for their intended swaddling. I mean, they make the best backgrounds for shooting baby. I personally love the frame version but they also have a dinosaur, astronaut, batting eyelashes, a mermaid tail and more. They adorable and I'll be giving these as baby shower gifts in the future. Not in need of a blanket, Oh, Susannah® also has tons of adorable pillowcases for all ages, stationary, coffee mugs and coloring books. So, something for everyone. Indy has the Picture Frame Swaddle Blanket, $26.95

One of my favorite things about babies is dressing them. Clothes today are wayyyy more stylish than what my mom put on me in the late 80's - and even better, boys clothes have completely evolved over the last decade. My options in 2009 for baby no.1 was Winnie the Pooh overalls. I still cringe over the thought of those plaid linen overalls. Now, denim would be another story but I digress. Little Gypsy Finery has my back when it comes to stylish duds for the little man, I mean can you even with these Bowie pants and graphic tee? I can't. Best part, a lot of their sizes run from NB-Youth meaning tons of opportunties for matching the three amigos. Indy is wearing the Bowie Leggings and Tee.