Floral Wrap Maxi Dress

These days getting dressed it all about accessibility. If I'm going anywhere, I have to ask myself first and foremost, am I going to be able to easily nurse at a moments notice in this get-up. If the answer is no, it's going back on the hanger and back into my closet. I actually just rotated one of my wardrobes to be exclusively nursing-friendly styles and it's making life a whole lot easier. I personally have been leaning towards off the shoulder and wrap styles, including this floral wrap dress. Tip: I tend to wear (heavily) printed dresses and tops to conceal any 'spillage' or spit up. Works like a charm...

Now the dress, It's a little revealing because I'm a little bustier than usual but I can't help but still love it, busty or not. As for my wedges, you need them in your life! Must-have summer sandal addition. They're so comfortable and the suede is ridiculously soft. Plus, the nude/tan goes with everything. 

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