Mother's Day Gift Ideas with Babbleboxx

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it only makes sense to plan ahead and start thinking about what to do for dear ol' mom. I am, unfortunately, super far behind. Granted, I have an excuse: you know, expecting a baby this week and all, but still! Thankfully, my mom is here this week, so while she's helping take care of the family, over the next several days I can personally treat her to the goodies that were in the Mother's Day Babbleboxx.
Let's talk a little more about the box, because I am in love with everything and want to keep it all for myself. But, you know... mother's day, she's helping me out... they're going home with mom.

First, 23andMe. It's probably the most unconventional item in the box, but that's actually why I love it. Forget flowers, give mom the gift of learning a little more about her (and your) ancestry and origins. The mail-in DNA test is super easy to use. They only ask for a sample of saliva and then you send it right out in the pre-paid shipping label. It's a perfect off the wall gift: it's not a usual thing and you can get a little more insight as to where you come from. Plus, who wouldn't want to find out where your ancestors lived over 500 years ago? Get some context for yourself, am I right? Another great feature of the service, is that they break down your lineage by region- over 31 populations worldwide- and they are read as percentage of the total. So it's super easy to interpret. I for one am more than a little curious to see what our results have to say...

Think outside the flowers-and-chocolate box and grab a kit for $20 off through 5/14 here.

Next, skincare with Vichy's MINÉRAL 89. As a long time user of Vichy products I had no choice but to give this a little test drive before handing this over to mom. And guys, I can definitely say that it's good. If you love hylauronic products like myself, you're going to love this one! My skin instantly felt more hydrated. It's one of those a-little-bit-goes-a-long-way products, You really only need 2 drops applied to clean skin. Use it as a daily moisturizer, or to kick off your skincare routine each morning or night. I personally love it alone and I have a feeling my mom is going to be hooked.
20% off + Free shipping offer using code Babble at checkout at 5/1/17 - 6/30/17

Finally, Sabon's signature Butter Hand Cream in Almond. If your mom is anything like my mom and is completely obsessed with hand cream you have to get this for her. The scent alone makes me want to run out and buy a case of it. I love the sweet almond fragrance with notes of vanilla for relaxation. Enriched with Shea butter for healing and intense hydration, this little bottle of cream packs a MEAN punch. It also doesn't hurt that it can be used on the body as well, and the 75ml tube packing is travel and on-the-go friendly.

Grab it here
What do you think of the Mother's Day Babbleboxx. What are you getting mom for Mother's Day?

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