Shared Nursery Reveal

Since we're not ready to move into a bigger space just yet, David and I decided it would be best to share the room with the baby. At least for the first year. And real talk, babies need very little space in the first 12 months, so it honestly wasn't a huge issue to decide. After that, if he's anything like his brothers were, getting into absolutely everything and anything by the time ten months rolled around, we might have to get him a room of his own just to contain him, But, that's into the future.

Let's talk about this room! You already saw our sweet new paint job with Lowe's a couple of weeks back, which made a huge difference to the space. It was the thing that made it finally start to feel like our room was coming together (almost 4 years later). Even David is obsessed, and it usually takes him a minute to get on board with my whacky home ideas. Mainly because he's the one carrying them out. So, moving forward to the shared room/nursery we wanted something that was going to be space-efficient with our tiny little New York apartment but also still fit into our general aesthetic. Obviously the key pieces are somewhere for baby to sleep, storage, decor, and seating. Also, color had to be involved because, duh.
After going back and forth with sleeping arrangements, we decided our best bet for now would be a bassinet. There are SO many options out there right now and the only one that really seemed to fit what we were looking for as far as safety, style, and space was the Micuna Smart Fresh Bassinet. I basically want this for myself. I love the wooden stand and the ability to see Indy at all times via the mesh fabric. ALSO, it has wheels making it a match made in our heaven since he'll be planted right in front of closet doors that need to be accessed on the daily. Don't need a bassinet? Micuna has some other amazing products on their site, like this high chair and more pieces launching later this year. This brand is definitely one to watch, I'm obsessed with their handmade, European style.

Since baby got a sweet bedding arrangement it was only natural for us to finally upgrade our own with a little help from The Company Store, they're experts on bedding (they're been at it for over 100 years, so I expect only the best). I wanted to keep it white but added texture with the Brussels Matelassé Coverlet and sham. It's 100% cotton and washes really well, I've already had to wash it twice thanks to David accidentally getting ink on it in the first week and the cats frequenting it as a bed/playground. But it's gorgeous and I love it. Also, they now have a pretty great baby line where I grabbed the sweet navy baby blanket hanging on the bassinet.

Co-sleeping and baby-lounging help is essential, so when I heard about DockATot™ I felt like I needed to jump in on that bandwagon. I mean, I feel like I need this in my size, it looks heavenly. Basically it covers everything from resting to diaper changes to tummy time. It's the ultimate docking station, is super light-weight and portable. All the materials used are breathable, washable and hypoallergenic - with the fillings sourced from world-leading suppliers with hygienic, non-toxic properties. Plus it offers excellent air-permeability.  

DockATot™ Deluxe+, DockATot™
Now, storage. When adding another person to the household, additional storage needs to be worked out asap. I opted for lots of baskets to hold all of the baby-related things. T.J.Maxx was a huge help in this department. I bought about 8 baskets and barely clipped $100, PLUS I got free shipping! The color blocked seagrass baskets came in a ton of different sizes and shapes and ran for about $10-17 per basket. They perfectly filled that empty space on top of the wardrobes and now hold TONS of baby stuff. The  tan baskets were on clearance for $10 a piece, so I scooped up a couple for use under the bassinet and for our cane plant by the window. Done and done!

Now, decor. This was somewhat simple. I didn't want to go too far into the 'baby rules this room' decor and wanted to keep it simple while still making sure it fit David and I's overall aesthetic for the room. So, the addition of a bright new round rug from RugsUSA to house the bassinet in his corner was the first pick. I wanted round to offset all the rectangle and square edges in the room and I literally couldn't love this print/color more. It's so good. Our headboard also needed some love because that space has been bare since we bought the bed so the addition of new art from Minted added some color and instantly filled the void. I still think I need a juju hat for above the new prints but I can wait on that project. The new art requires new lighting, so these Threshold globe desk lamps were the most obvious choice. I also ordered a cute little zebra print to lean on the mirror next to the bassinet - it's not entirely out in the open, but it's still adorable when I do catch a glimpse of it. Space for seating in our room is obviously super limited, so as far as bringing in new furniture, I decided a big cushy pouf ottoman could double as seating, a nursing footstool with the other chairs, and even a spot for changing baby. This particular oversized pouf from Designer Living is super soft and light enough to move around AND adds some texture and additional color to the area. 
Ashlina Persian Overdyed Rug, RugsUSA  
Passage Wall Art 1 // Passage Wall 2 // Baby Zebra Print, Minted
Threshold Globe Desk Lamps, Target
Kelsey Ottoman Pouf, Designer Living
Finally, baby essentials. This being the third go-around in the newborn department, we kept it super simple and skipped out on a bunch of items that we felt weren't as necessary as we thought they were the first time around. The first being a changing pad and table. Chances are you're going to be changing diapers all over the place so something portable and easy to grab is key. This diaper caddy is game-changing. Everything you need to change a diaper in one little cute box. I got so lucky that it just happened to fit perfectly on the shelf in our head board next to the bassinet, and slips easily in and out when I need it. It comes with it's own diaper changing mat, so you just grab your little one and the caddy, and change wherever needed. It comes in a bunch of different colors and the dividers are removable. I obviously stocked mine with some babyganics for Indy and night-time sleep essentials for me. Next, a video baby monitor from Motorola. At first I didn't think I needed the Motorola MBP36XL 5" Portable Video Baby Monitor but it is basically the coolest thing ever and I plan on carrying this monitor all around the apartment to keep an eye on our little guy. First of all, it's not overwhelming in size, it has great camera capabilities and attaches easily to shelves & brackets with the star mount. I have it on the headboard for now but I think we're going to use move it to the mirror for a better view. It has a temperature display, high sensitivity microphone and infrared night visions - just to name a few favorites. If you need a monitor, this is the one to get! All rooms- nursery's included- need an air purifier. Especially if you have cats, leave the windows open, or ever leave the house. We have a couple in the house but they're a little bigger than I would like, so we went with the GermGuardian Table Top Air Purifier. It's about 10 inches tall and captures  99.97% of dust and allergens, using UV technology with filters to kill germs as it reduces odors and kills mold spores in the air. We snagged it for about $54 at Buy Buy Baby. diaper caddy,
GermGuardian Table Top Air Purifier, Buy Buy Baby
Motorola MBP36XL 5" Portable Video Baby Monitor, Kohl's
babyganics, Target
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A big thank you to Micuna, The Company Store, Dockatot, Designer Living, Minted, Motorola, RugsUSA, buybuyBaby, babyganics,, and Tjmaxx for sponsoring our nursery reveal. As always all opinions are my own.