Business Of Blogging: QuickBooks Self-Employed

Tax season may officially be over for most of us, but like clockwork it will be back at the start of the new year. We basically have a whole year to get organized and QuickBooks Self-Employed is here to help.
It might be a weird thing to say, but, I love doing my taxes. I grew up with two self-employed parents and learned how to do taxes and loved helping them with theirs early on. I still remember the late 90's/early 2000's version of Quickbooks on my mom's computer. I LOVED adding all the checks and deductibles into the little boxes. Obviously, Quickbooks Self-Employed and TurboTax Self-Employed have come a long way since then, and I'm proud to say that I use them both when it comes to tax time each year. Real talk: juggling a business, life and motherhood is no easy task, so both programs make life a lot easier when it comes to crunching numbers and deciding whether or not that blogger dinner is a write-off or not.

As a blogger, I am very much self-employed. I rely heavily on staying organized and keeping records of all of my expenses for when tax season rolls around. It's not always easy and I personally hate the clutter from all the paper receipts because they add up fast, organized or not. Then you sometimes find that certain expenses aren't even deductible. But this year when I filed with Turbotax Self-Employed they gave me a subscription to QuickBooks Self-Employed. Holy moly, taxes just got dare I say, effortless. It can be used via desktop or you can download the app for finance tracking. Plus, if you bundle you can directly import everything to TurboTax self-employed when tax season rolls around, making doing your taxes a minutes-long process instead of countless hours over weeks.

QuickBooks Self-Employed helps find tax deductions, organize expenses by capturing receipts, and automatically tracks mileage and categorizes all of your business expenses! It even keeps track of all of your 1099's. It is so flipping easy to use and you can stay on track all year long without having to wait until January to start to get your life in order. You can even link it up to your bank and credit card accounts so it can better categorize expenses and earnings (also giving estimates on quarterly taxes). You can even create invoices and bill clients, all from the app.

So, if you're self-employed and need an extra hand with juggling it all and that never ending to-do list, I highly recommend you add QuickBooks Self-Employed to your life. Psst. It's tax deductible, just saying.
*QuickBooks Self-Employed users find an average of $4,340 in potential tax savings per year and more than $18,000 in deductions.
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