Little Black Dress + Kimono

Over the last several months I've tried to stay completely in tune with my personal style as my bump continued to grow. Now, at it's peak, (I hope) I can honestly say that I think I stayed well within the lines of my usual, go to styles with this pregnancy. Truth be told,  It doesn't hurt that there's way more stylish options these days. Look at THESE pieces, they're amazing. While only the dress is maternity, this kimono is giving me all sorts of boho mama feelings that I can't help but love. At 34 weeks I think it's safe to say the 'fashion energy'  is still going strong and will hopefully continue to do so all the way through week 40, which is coming way faster than I had anticipated. I guess I better get my act together and set up the room for le baby's arrival. I'm not going to lie, I've definitely slowed down over the last week and have been more tired than ever leading me to believe naps are an essential tool at this point in the game but it seems that my obsessive, nesting is going head to head with my will to sleep. Hopefully as the next few weeks progress I'll have a moment to get everything done and rest. But, let's be real is a mother's job ever really done and are we ever ready? Pssh. No. 

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