A Love Note To February

February, I knew you well . We shared some good times, some not so great. There was a hefty amount of fashion (courtesy of fashion week), a sizable portion of food and no shortage of weather-related drama. Thankfully we're peaking into the second week of March now and I can't help but look back at all the good times we had as the weather starts to head in a favorable direction. 

We more or less kicked off our month together off with Fashion week where it was absurdly cold for a few days, forcing me to up my layering game. It felt like the winter fashion olympics. I think I did ok, though, which is more than I can say for the poor souls that opted for sandals instead of boots.  Was it their dedication to footwear, or their wishful thinking? Either way, I can relate. 

I will say after the inspiration set on the runway, I'm almost already looking forward to fall. That's what one day of high 70˚ weather will do to you - it will send you in to a daze, where you'll dream of retro inspired layers, tailored coats with fur detailing and obi belts. Until then, I'll kick myself back into Spring mode with a little pastel and floral inspiration a la Ted Baker. 

Freezing weather called for lots of piping hot lattes so CUPS {free drinks + $10 credit here with promo code "IMKCR"} came in handy on more than one occasion. It has quite possibly become my favorite tool when navigating the city for a good cup of joe. I also spent a good amount of time last month brushing up on my culinary skills, and by which I mean in the dining out department. I skipped out on a romantic dinner with the husband for Valentine's {Sorry, Dave} and opted to spend the evening with my best Galentine's Tracy and Jackie where we gorged on oversized burgers and chocolate - It could not have been more perfect. 

But, my favorite dining experience of the month had to be our time spent in the West Village at Dominique's Bistro where my favored plus one, Jackie, and I sipped on what seemed like bottomless glasses of wine in the dimly lit restaurant at the iconic intersection of Gay and Christopher St. It may have been raining cats and dogs but that didn't stop us from enjoying a piece of Parisian culture. We started off with {likely} the best grilled baby octopus in the city and rounded out our visit with a healthy dose of Steak Frites and a heaping pot of Bouillabaisse, filled with all of the greatness the sea has to offer. After that meal, dessert wasn't an option but their chocolate soufflĂ© was tempting. 
All in All, February you did good. See you next year.