6 Spring Transitional Looks

All this talk about spring weather and I honestly didn't know what to do with myself when it actually showed up this week. It took me a full two days to ditch the boots and put a pair of sandals on. I'm not even kidding. Hey, at least I went from over the knee - to knee high boots. It's progress, right? So, all this back and forth made me realize that it might be about time to start thinking about transitioning my wardrobe to spring. After all, we just got a massive 70-something degree wake up call that threw me right into "throw all my sweaters in a bag" mode. It was easy enough, let's just hope it doesn't snow again. Either way, I'm ready to start this season with a little fringe, which is why I'm bringing this skirt out from hiding and throwing it on with my trusty turtleneck {next step, bagging the turtlenecks - it's been real guys but it's time}, boots and oversized cat eye sunglasses. Love the skirt? It's on sale and comes in three different colors, grab one and we can twin it up for Spring. 

Skirt Boohoo (On sale for $20, more colors!), Sunnies Boohoo, Boots Report Lannister, Bag H.Butler, Shirt Peruvian Connection

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