5 Easy Hairstyle To Try For Valentine's

Since I've been cooped up all week with Strep I figured should take a break from binge watching Shameless on the couch and put together a round up or two of hair ideas for Valentine's - I can't believe it's February already. So, I'm sharing some of my favorite 'romantic' hairstyles that are not only easy to do but easy on the eyes. Date or not. 

1. Half Up With Braided Crown
Separate hair from the underpart of hair and braid over to the other side (tutorial here) and pin. Pull back two large pieces from the front of your hairline and pin back, tease if necessary. 

2. Low Side-Swept Loose Pony Tail
Divide hair in two, twist the pieces and pin to one side. The pins should be enough but you can secure with a hair tie if you prefer and then take out the pins. 

3. Faux Bob
With a 1" curling want add waves to hair, then pull into a low ponytail and pin up with bobby pins {you're going to need a bunch for this one}. Let the loose pieces fall out. You don't want it to be perfect. Spritz with hairspray for holding power (I use: Garnier Sheer Set}

4. Touseled Waves
Start with a volume enhancing spray and curl with a 1" wand from a 1/3 of the head down. Brush out with a wide tooth comb and fix loose pieces. Spritz hairspray for holding power. 

5. Half Up with Volume
Divide hair from crown and lightly tease. Pin each side back with bobby pins. Let loose pieces fall into place.