Decorating with Dalmatian

Forget polka dots, guys. Dalmatian is the new polka dot. 

Now, I have nothing against a good polka dot, it's a classic and always will be. But, there's something about the vibrant and unique print of a Dalmatian that has me dumping the classics for something new. I'd love to say it's my love of imperfection but after spending quite a bit of time on pinterest and flipping through home magazines, not many disagree with my new found fondness for the animal print. I'm officially obsessed and want it all over my house - walls, drapes, pillows (ok, I have those) and furniture? Yes, please. Sure, you don't have to go all in and it's probably not recommended but it's definitely worth a shot especially if you're in the mood for an upgrade. Which is why I've rounded up about a half a dozen ways to decorate with one of my new found favorite prints - dalmatian. Cruella would be proud. Image Credit.

1. Frame it

2. Throw it on your couch (or bed)

3. Curtain Crew

4. Put It On The Wall

5. Fun Furniture