5 Secrets To Healthier Hair

For me, my hair requires extra love. All of the stuff I put in it on a daily basis, the coloring and the heat styling, it all adds up. I'm amazed it's not falling out in clumps after all the crap I've done to it in the past 10 years. But, I will say I have learned a few things along the way, including how to keep it looking and feeling healthy after the seemingly endless wear and tear. So, I've teamed up with Viviscal® this week to share my 5 secrets to healthier hair in honor of their 25th Anniversary (Enter to win a lifetime's supply of Viviscal Extra Strength, here).

1. Keep Hydrated
Staying hydrated is essential for your health, so obviously it would be a huge component on keeping your hair healthy. I can always tell when I haven't been drinking enough water when my hair feels brittle and my skin looks lackluster, it's a sure fire way for me to fill up a 20 oz. bottle and chug it right then in there. I try to drink nearly a gallon a day and also steer clear from sugary processed drinks, including cocktails. 

2. Power Foods
Like drinking lots of water, there's several foods out there that will amp up your hair's shine, strength, leading to faster hair growth. Foods rich in proteins, omega 3's, zinc, biotin and beta carotene are a sure fire way to keep your hair looking amazing. I'm personally obsessed with almonds because of their high biotin levels. A handful a day makes my hair and skin look amazing, even when I'm slacking in the water department. Sweet potatoes, Oysters, Avocado and Fish are also amazing options.

3. Supplements
In the past three years I've tried a ton of different supplements for hair, skin and nails, and while they kind of worked I was never really entirely satisfied with the results. However, I started taking Viviscal Extra Strength back in May {after haircut remorse} and my hair started growing like crazy, we're talking me having to touch up my roots every two weeks crazy. The drug-free, hair growth supplements are scientifically formulated with marine complex AminoMar™plus a blend of nutrients including Biotin, Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron and Millet Seed Extract to nourish thinning hair and promote hair growth. They've been backed by 25 years of research and development, so they're clearly doing something right. 

Before & After 
{3 months}

4. Go Natural 
Yes, the multi-billion dollar beauty industry has everything you need but in most cases they come with tons of unnecessary ingredients or price tags. In my case I lack the space for EVERYTHING under the sun in my beauty cabinet. So, using items I already have in my kitchen, such as coconut oil (it's ridiculously how amazing it is), apple cider vinegar, eggs and/or avocados frees up space but also keeps things natural. 

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse: 1/4 C APV + 1/2 C Water to rinse your hair after shampooing (also it's great to getting rid of nasty tangles!). *Great for: Shine, Hair Growth.

Coconut Oil + Honey Mask: Combine melted coconut oil and honey in a bowl, apply and massage into hair. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. {3 Tbsp. Coconut Oil + 1 Tbsp. Honey*Great for: Shine, moisturizing and repairing damaged hair.

Avocado Mask: Mash up one ripe avocado and mix with a tbsp. of greek or plain yogurt, apply to hair. Rinse after 10 minutes. *Great for: exfoliating the scalp and stimulating collagen and elastin production.

5. Skip Everyday Washes
I personally have oily prone hair and my bangs are the first to show signs of grease by day two but I try to extend my time between washes at least to 3-4 days. Those natural oils are actually good for your hair and scalp, so adding another day between washes makes a world of difference. 

What are your secrets to healthy hair?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Viviscal ®. The opinions and text are all mine.