5 Hairstyles To Try This Summer

Summer has no shortage of opportunities to play with fun hair styles. Sure, you have to beat the frizz and humidty but after that the sky's the limit. I know that I often find myself doing the same ol' thing and wearing my hair down and wavy. So, I've been taking that extra effort to try something new and step outside the typical center or side part box. 

Here's 5 styles you have to try this summer!

1. Headscarf
There's actually several different ways to style a scarf in your hair but this one is my personal favorite. It's easy and doubles as a headband, and is perfect for those bad hair days. {How To:}

2. Loose Side Braid
You might remember this from last month's tutorial, this is probably one of the best solutions for growing out your bangs. {How To:}

3. Full Crown Braid
The side braid not enough braid for your mood? Try the full crown braid.

4. Side Bun + Hat
Who says hats are reserved for bad hair days. Style your hair around your hat - try a loose, low side bun tucked into your hair.

5. The Messy Top Knot
{Emphasis on messy!}

How are you wearing your hair this summer?