Hanes Live.Love.Color Tees, Two Ways

I’m all for adding color to my ensemble especially when it comes in the form of a comfy tee that can be easily dressed up or worn with while lounging around the house. I just love the ease of throwing it on with a pencil or midi skirt with just the addition of a fabulous heel or necklace to spice things up. So when Hanes introduced me to their Live.Love.Color Tees I couldn’t resist giving a handful of them a whirl. The colors are vibrant, the fit is super soft and they come an array of (neck) designs and fits. I found that one of the best parts is they’re super budget friendly at $10 and under, which means I can finally stop buying those $30 tees that I’m terrified to wash...

With that being said, I thought my post Fashion Week style needed a pop of color to perk me up so I threw the tees on with two of my favorites to help keep things stylish while I stroll right on into Fall. And if you’re not in the color mood check out the Hanes Signature camis for your wardrobe style staple additions in Black and White (or any of the other 12 color choices). 

Don’t forget to check out the Hanes look book to find your perfect fit!

This post was sponsored by Hanes.