Sweet Summer Neutrals Under $50

With all this rainy day weather I can't help but spend a good part of my time indoors searching the web for new additions to add to my closet (which I'm sure we're all guilty of, I just can't help it sometimes...). So, since summer neutrals with lady like touches have been on my mind as of late I've been tracking down little pieces here and there that fit perfectly with my space and my budget. Narrowing down my absolute favorites (well) under $50, because it's so much easier to justify shopping when it's budget friendly, right? I even added a couple of my favorite summer fragrances to keep things sweet...

What's currently on your wishlist?
Mini Dagger Stone Earrings, $22.95 Sole Society
Arielle Dress, $48 Nasty Gal
Lovely By Sarah Jessica Parker, $27.94 (Oldie but Goodie)
Flounce Open Back Top, $13.80 Forever21
Stackable Rings, $4.80 Forever21
Faux Suede Strappy Sandal, $29.80 Forever21