Summer Closet Organization + Shopping

By now most of you have packed away your winter coats and pulled out your summer dresses, in my case we're kind of just now doing that. In my defense the weather has been slightly on the unreliable side, it was literally 55˚ yesterday. I'm used to it by now and I have started to move the jackets to the closet where they'll hide out until Fall, and the light layers and dresses to the racks so they can finally get the sunshine they deserve. A couple Bottled Starbucks® Iced Coffees (because I can't be bothered to brew when I'm dealing with the clothes explosions that occur during such transitions) and I'm set to get organized and ready for the warmer months. 

My favorite tips for getting the closet (Spring and) Summer ready:
+ Move the heavy pieces to the back, or in my case, the actual closet. Fold up your sweaters (never hang!), scarves and winter accessories and throw them into a space bag for maximum space saving.

+ Light layers, blouses and dresses to the front, organized by color (if you're into that) and closet staples  like: tees, crisp blouses and blazers.

+Boots to the back of the closet with rolled up magazines to keep them upright.

+ Sandals and Open toed shoes, front and center - with the addition of a new pair of two, right?

+ Organize drawers with shorts and skirts toward the front for easy access, I swear I have an out of sight out of mind complex, so I forget things are there if there not infront of me. 

+Start planning your Summer Essentials. My list includes a new white blazer, a few colorful midis paired with a couple new cropped tops and a few printed heels to add that extra pop. 
Shop My Picks:

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