For The Home: Meet ePantry

Since things have changed drastically on how we shop since moving into the city I've had to look into ways on making things a littler easier. The reality of toting numerous bags with toddlers isn't my idea of a good time, ever. So when I heard about ePantry, a cleaning supply delivery service I kind of got excited, because those are the things that are weighing me down. Get your favorite eco friendly brands like Method and my personal favorite Meyer's for up to 28% off retail.

Sign up, pick your essentials and they're sent right out. Grab everything from dish soap to laundry detergent, even paper products and sponges without having to carry the bags home. Plus, free shipping in involved. How can you not? 
It's kind of awesome, am I right? Shop now, thank me later.

Also get $10 off when you use "tfdiaries" at checkout..

disclosure: this post has been brought to you by ePantry.