What's In Stores: Marshall's

Top $14.99
This week I popped into both my Marshall's stores to catch a glimpse of what it's store and well, to grab a few things for the closet and the home, because really, who doesn't "need" to add to these places. I guess for starters, me, but what the heck, I can never resist their finds an prices. I was however slightly disappointed that all my fabulous shoe finds were all too big, but what lacked in shoes surely made up in clothes. I honestly don't think I've ever snagged so many deals in one sitting on clothes from Marshall's, especially under $60! Here's what I found...

Tops L To R : $10, $10, Guess $24.99, Dress $24.99
Betsey Johnson Dress $24.99! 
Neon Yellow Blazer $7.50
Seven Jeans Chambray Shirts  $24.99
London Fog Bag $59.99

 This was $4, of course I got it! Along with the Devil Wear Revenge for $14.99!
*disclosure: Marshall's sent me a gift card to help with shopping, all opinions are my own.