5 Ways to Wear A White Blazer

I feel like this post has been a long time coming, not only because of my endless love affair with my white blazer, (so much so that's it's beginning to unravel and I'm going to soon have to look for it's replacement,) but because it's been talked about so often between my readers. Now, as summer starts to round out I feel as if a white blazer is just as much of a closet essential for  Fall as a basic black or moto jacket, we all need one and as you can see they get a whole lot of play...

So, with that being said, 5 Ways To Wear a White Blazer...

1. Paired With A Maxi
5 ways  to style a white blazer
 2. Dressing Up A Pair Of Cut Offs
5 ways to wear a white blazer
 3. With Bold Colors
blogger white blazer style
 4. Layered With Scarves and Boyfriend Jeans
how to wear white blazers
 5. With Bold Prints (Especially these palazzos!)
white blazer