Chia Chocolate Pudding

vegan chocolate pudding
I don't know about you but when pudding comes to mind, I think back to the days of handi-pack puddings at lunch in school. While I had to get them from others because God knows my parents were too healthy for that 'crap', I was hardly satisfied with just one. Chocolate and Banana were my best friends, though now I probably would think they taste like plastic. Oh yum...

 Now, while I don't do much snack packing these days but I do occasionally get a hankering for puddings, especially of the chocolate variety. So when I just so happened to pick up Chocolate Almond Milk and Chia Seeds in the same grocery trip I decided I wanted to experiment. And that I did, with only two ingredients, I was came up with something that resembled Chocolate Pudding (for the better). Best part, it's not only simple, it's good for you (Plus it's GF & Vegan Friendly).

Chia Chocolate Pudding 
2 Cups Chocolate Almond Milk ( Or Coconut Milk )
4 Heaping Tbsp. Chia Seeds 

Combine the 'Milk' and Seeds in a Small/Medium Bowl.

Refrigerate for at least an hour, be sure to stir in between so the seeds don't clump when hydrating in the milk.
Voila! Chia Chocolate Pudding. 
two ingredient pudding
Top with crumbled cookies if you please. 
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chocolate and chia
Now it's not exactly the same but it's a good, healthy and quick option to the 'other stuff'